Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Football and Writing

It's time for a new season. Football season. And around here that means the Vikings season. Donovan McNabb, Jared Allen, Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin and the rest of the gang.

New goals, new foes, a new roof on the Metrodome.

I love the beginning of the season, where everything is possible, nothing has gone wrong yet. We're not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. :) Then we start playing, and the season has ups and downs, touchdowns and interceptions, blitzes and sacks, missed field goals and game winning drives. Thrilling, heartbreaking, exciting and exasperating. There are times when I'm sure the players would like to give up and walk away, away from the pain, the hits, the injuries, the press, the fans. But they don't. Because they are football players. In spite of adversity, they are doing the job they love.

It's not unlike when I start a new novel. It's all new, it's all possible, and it still looks perfect in my head.  Then I start writing and things don't go onto the page quite the way I had it planned in my outline. The words don't come, the opponents are stronger than I thought, the schedule tougher. I find myself bogged in the middle of the 'Black and Blue' division. There are times when I want to walk away from the mess I'm creating, away from uncooperative characters, recalcitrant plots, bad reviews.

But I don't. I persevere, because I am a writer. In spite of the ups an downs, the adversity, the struggle, I'm doing the job I love.

Just as the football season is long and calls for commitment, writing a novel takes place over a long time and calls for commitment. When the going gets tough...well, you know. :)

Are you up for the new season? If so, put on your eye black, lace up those cleats, and grab your helmet. Let's head into the fray together, and when things get tough, we won't quit.


  1. I love this analogy and I'm gearing up for the season. ;)

  2. I'm getting excited about football season too. Not quite as excited as you...but still. :) My favorite part is eating all the yummy football food and watching my little kids try to pace around the house and cheer like their daddy. Too cute!

  3. Football season is about to start here, too-- only I live in Austin so we're all about the Longhorns. Let's just hope my next book doesn't flop like their season did last year. :)