Friday, July 01, 2011

The Friday Five

Vintage lunchboxesphoto © 2010 joeymanley | more info (via: Wylio)I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today, so this week's Friday Five is:

Five things I remember about switching from public school to a small Christian school at the beginning of my fifth grade year:

1. I went from a class of about 30 to a class of 1. Midway through the first semester I got a classmate, but he was a boy, so that hardly counted!

2. Having to wear dresses every day! Gone were my Toughskin jeans, striped t-shirts, and Converse tennis shoes. It was skirts and blouses, dresses and dress shoes every day.

3. No more hot lunches. We brown-bagged it. To this day, I can't face bologna sandwiches.

4. Fractions. The curriculum at that school assumed you'd learned all about fractions in fourth grade, but the school I came from didn't really teach them until fifth grade. I was behind, and I felt so stupid. I got a D in math that first semester.

5. Having my older sister in the same classroom as I was. 4-6 grades were all in one room, and you can't get away with ANYTHING when your older sister is watching your every move.

As I read down this list, I'm thinking, yikes, what a downer! But truthfully, that transition was hard. I grew to love Faith Christian School and I wouldn't change much about my time there. I made some life-long friends (no, not that boy from the fifth grade. He quit attending Faith after seventh grade.) I made some amazing memories, and the education and guidance I received there set me on the path I'm on today.

I just wish I'd learned fractions a wee bit earlier. Would've changed most of fifth grade...

How about you? Did you ever change schools? Was the transition hard?


  1. I had the reverse culture shock going from parochial school to public school in 9th grade. Didn't have to stand to recite, didn't have to address the teachers as sister. Didn't have to wear an itchy wool uniform, but there was a dress code. Girls couldn't wear pants to school. And I was woefully behind in math, too.

  2. Fractions...blech!

    I went to an International school for Kindergarten. I loved of all unique ethnicities. We were living in Germany at the time.

    Then I came back overseas and moved to an affluent community. Stayed there 1st-12th.

    Blocked out fractions. :D

    Happy 4th!
    ~ Wendy

  3. I LOVE the header of your blog!!!

  4. I like the new layout. Very cool.

    Similar story. I went to public school through seventh grade then switched to a very small private Christian school. Seriously small. My graduating class was like 14...people. To this day, my husband gives me major ribbing for this one. :)

  5. Lacie,

    FOURTEEN? That's huge! Tell your husband it could've been worse.

    My graduating class was...




    That's it.

    though on the upside I was voted most likely to succeed...

  6. LOL! Seriously! Almost peed my pants when I read that!

  7. Erica, I switched from public school to a small Christian school in 6th grade. We had 5/6 combined. Although I knew a few in the class from my church, mostly I had to make new friends, and that took awhile, but I wouldn't trade those 7 years at Portland Christian School for anything. I still have 3 forever friends from my graduating class of 21 people. In fact, I am spending the night with one of them tomorrow who was also my roommate in college. We had Bible class and chapel everyday, which began a lifelong love for Bible study, and we studied everything from a Christian worldview which has affected me the rest of my life. Hooray for Christian schools! And congrats for being Most likely to Succeed, Erica! You made it!