Friday, July 22, 2011

The Friday Five -CJ Style

Friendship is a strange thing. I once heard from someone that there are three kinds of friendships in the world. 1) The friends who come together for a season, like moms of preschoolers or moms of kids on the same basketball team. You're together for awhile, but you outgrow the friendship because your life grows and changes. 2) The friends who come together for a short time because of a specific project or goal. Serving a term on the PTSA, working on a committee or fundraiser together, or a church activity. You work together, maintain a working friendship throughout the project, but when the project is done, you move on. And 3) Lifelong friends who are with you no matter what. You can rely on that person to be there when you need them, to pick you up, to adjust your attitude, to cheer you on and keep you grounded.

I have one of those lifelong friends in CJ Kennedy. And we've only met in person once (though I'm out to remedy that as quickly as I can.) CJ and I met because we were fans of the same tv western from the sixties. We connected originally because of that tv show, but when we chatted in the group chatroom, we realized we had kids about the same age, that the same kinds of things made us laugh and pull our hair out, and that we enjoy each other's company very much.

CJ has been with me through some really hard times. When other friends have let me down, she's stayed solid. When I walked the very long and dark road of losing my MIL to cancer, CJ was my sounding board, my light relief, the person I could call whenever I needed to. (She still is, BTW.) CJ held my hand when I took over the company bookkeeping and didn't have a clue what I was doing. She cheered my first, wobbly efforts at fiction, critiqued (especially if my heroes weren't behaving manly enough) and celebrated with me when I finally broke through and got my first writing contract. 

We've hashed out via instant messaging and telephone topics such as kids, weight loss (or the lack thereof) the weather, hairstyles, spouses, home repairs, hormones, and sports. (I'm for them, she couldn't care less.)

So, today's Friday Five is in honor of the friendship CJ and I share. 

Five things I know about CJ Kennedy.

1. She doesn't like cheese. 

2. She is the younger of two children and of Italian descent.

3. She talks really fast on the phone with a hilarious Boston accent.

4. She is left-handed.

5. She loathes the color pink.

Today, CJ is doing her own Friday Five about me. You can read her blog at 


  1. It warmed to know you had someone while going through that tough time with your MIL.

    And cheese, CJ? Really? Really?

    Okay, if you're good to Erica, you're good in my book, too (even despite the cheese comment). :D

    ~ Wendy

  2. It warmed me to know...(I know you knew what I meant).
    ~ Wendy

  3. Erica, I'm speechless and you know that doesn't happen often.Guess I get to wear two cowboy hats today to cover my swelled head!

    Wendy, cheese is nasty. It looks like plastic and smells bad. Oh wait! That's because it's made from milk gone bad! (-;

  4. Hi Erica and CJ! So I gotta know...what western show was it?? So curious now. ;)

  5. Erica, like you I lost my mother-in-love to cancer. I'm glad you had CJ to help you through that time.

    So, ladies. What were your solutions to the hormones and hairstyle issues? =)

  6. I love life-longers! What would we do without them!

    I love Boston accents! :)

  7. Linda1:00 PM

    CJ and are almost the same! Except I like cheese, am the oldest, don't have an accent, am right handed and love pink. The important part is we both like Erica!