Friday, June 17, 2011

The Friday Five - Pizza!

This week's Friday Five is:

The five best pizza places I've ever been to.

1. Zadeos. Hands down the best pizza I've ever had. Whole wheat crust, generous toppings, and gooey cheese. Zadeos is the only pizza place in Rochester that will deliver out where we live, and I'm not complaining.

2. Big Cheese. I grew up with Big Cheese Pizza in Salina, Kansas. The only dissent in the house when someone wanted to order Big Cheese was whether to get mushrooms on the pizza or not.

3. Ann Sorensens. Actually, my place, on New Year's Day when we have a big party. Ann brings this amazingly yummy pizza roll thingy, and I have to fight my way through the crowd to get a slice.

4. Godfathers. They're pretty yummy, but they're way on the other side of Rochester, so I don't get there as much as I'd like.

5. My MIL's house. She made excellent thin crust homemade pizza.

How about you? Where's did you find the best slice?


  1. The best slice is Santarpio's in E. Boston. The waiting line goes around the corner. Regina's in the North End of Boston makes a good pizza, too. I make my own pizza. No complaints from the family so I guess it's ok.

  2. Oh man, YUM.

    I love me a good pizza.

    I've been making my own crust for the past two months or so and I'm lovin' it. But mine aren't the best I've had. Hmm. I'm horrible with remembering names, but we have a few local spots that are sure to do it right.

    Hey, you got a shout out on my blog today!

    ~ Wendy

  3. My mom has always made the very best homemade pizza. She passed the recipe along to me. Although I've altered it a little, my family tells me it's their favorite. And we make it almost every Friday night.

  4. Had to come back to say:

    Good Night!

    I clicked through Rachelle's new site and on her page where she lists what has sold...


    ~ Wendy

  5. We used to live in Ann Arbor, the headquarters of Dominos, and they were awesome! But hands' down, the best pizza ever is in Marion Springs, Michigan. You buy it from a gas station in the middle of nowhere (seriously, it's kind of weird!), and it's the BEST ever!!

    Love the title of your WIP!

  6. My Mad-town BFF's husband makes mouth-watering homemade pizza. Holy cows, it's amazing.

  7. Hmm. Best pizza? I can't think of any. Maybe I need to eat pizza more often.

  8. Laughing, I came back and saw I was replaced by pizza! LOL

    I love pizza! My favorite place? I don't have one but now, I want some for lunch! Thanks Erica, I love your blog!!

  9. Lou Malnatti's--Chicago deep dish!! Bobby Flay did a throwdown with them and we knew he was gonna lose just by looking at the crust. It should be like a pastry crust just with a lot more butter, not a lot of dough at all, and not at all bready!

    We get pepperoni and garlic. Loooooooooooove it! Can't wait till we go home and get a couple of them. Thankfully they will ship around the country. It's usually our Christmas Eve dinner since our move to Kansas.