Wednesday, May 04, 2011

May Goals

Rainy daffodilphoto © 2010 Renate Dodell | more info (via: Wylio)This being the first week of May, it's time to revisit and revise the goals.

First, let's revisit the April goals to see how I did:

1. Finish all the plotting for Sagebrush Knights and begin the first novella. (Um, not so great here. Got the first novella plotted, but didn't get it started in April. Also, haven't plotted the other three yet.)

2. Genesis Contest work. (This went well. Got to call semi-finalists, and sent back all non semi-finalist entries. Passed on a bazillion thank-you notes, and worked on semi-final round stuff.)

3. Incorporate crit comments on Stars in Her Eyes and get it sent in to my editor. (Mangaged this one with not too much of April to spare. Both crit partners wanted to see more conflict, more at stake for my heroine, so I had quite a bit of punching up to do with her story line.)

4. Copy edits on A Bride's Portrait of Dodge City, Kansas (Copy edits and content edits are all done on this title. Just galley proofs to go.)

Not too bad overall. I'd give myself a B+ for April goals. :)

On to May:

1. Write the first novella in Sagebrush Knights.

2. Plot novella's 2-4.

3. Get started on novella #2.

4. Genesis contest duties, including phoning finalists and getting the final round entries passed along to the final round judges.

5. Whatever editing issues crop up. Galley edits for Light to my Path should be the next thing on the agenda, but I'm not sure when they will arrive.

I'm trying to get a lot done this month, because in June, I'll have family visiting and will be away from writing for a good chunk of the month.

Aside from writing goals, this is the month when I get to pick up Heather from college for the summer, I get to have dinner with Mary Connealy, and Heather gets her wisdom teeth out. Oh, and earlier this week, I got a filling at the dentist. Joy.

So, how did you do with your April goals and what are your plans for May?


  1. May goals for me:

    - Finish rough draft of current WIP (hopefully in the next week or two)

    - Plot novel 7, which I'm already excited about

    - start my very first content edits (EEEEK!)

  2. Good job, lady! I'm completely impressed with how quickly you send TY notes. This is the only contest where I've received them so quickly.
    As for May...eek! Not sure yet what I'll do. I have two new stories hovering but I also need to finish editing one of my books. Blech. Best wishes with your May list!

  3. I didn't set any formal April goals, though just got back my novella crit, DUE June 1st. Guess launching Writer...Interrupted was major goal accomplishment. Now it's to cut 6,000 words off novella and turn it in on time!!

  4. I love that you graded yourself for how you think you did. I used to do that walking down our long drive from school. As a non-math-loving person I'm surprised, I'd take each class, grade how it went and then average the day. That's what your grade for April reminded me of.

    I want to bang out the end of my WIP and prep for edits in May.

    I did just fine in April. Got to 60K.

    ~ Wendy

  5. Congratulations on the progress you made in April. I wish you the best for May.

    How wonderful that your daughter will be home soon. Enjoy your dinner with Mary. I'm sure laughter will be on the menu.

  6. May goals,

    1. Finish final edits on suspense novel.

    2. Submit 2 articles

    3. Let God direct me at NCWA Renewal Conference

    4. Flush out any remaining spots of telling.

    I love seeing others goals.

  7. My April goals were accomplished! I finished revisions and sent the final off to my crit partners! :) YES!

    May - plot out my next WIP and complete research. Write first 5 chapters.

  8. Hey, I'd give you an A+ for April. I mostly had household and family goals for April, though I did finish plotting my story.

    My goal for May is to get at least half of it written, and finish getting my daughter's room in the basement done.

  9. Katie, those are awesome goals and I can't wait to hear the new novel idea!

    Jessica, I have to send along the ty notes as soon as I get them, because I'm afraid of them piling up.

    Gina, you've had plenty to keep you busy in April. I love the relaunched website. :)

  10. Wendy, great job getting to 60K! Finish strong!

    Keli, Mary and I usually end up spending about 4 hrs over dinner and talking when we meet up. Love that lady! And Heather will get tired of me hovering over her. :)

    Melissa, those are great goals. I agree, seeing other people post goals motivates me in working toward my own.

  11. Jaime, Congrats on finishing one WIP and diving right into the next!

    Cindy,thanks for grading on the curve! :)

  12. Wow, I'm soooo impressed! How do you juggle all of that?!

    I haven't set any May goals, but okay, okay, I'll get right on it since you've inspired me now. :)

    Let's see...I need to quit fiddling with the plot of my next story and start drafting it. Maybe finish 3-4 chapters?

  13. Yay, Sarah! 3-4 chapters is great!

    As to the's like juggling chainsaws. I daren't drop one! :D