Friday, May 06, 2011

The Friday Five

wet peonyphoto © 2009 liz west | more info (via: Wylio)

This week's Friday Five is:

Five things I like about May.

1. It rarely snows in MN in May. :)

2. The shedding of coats and jackets. No more juggling hats, mittens, scarves, gloves, boots, parkas, etc. just to walk to the mailbox.

3. The school year ends. :) I love homeschooling, but by May, I'm ready for a break, maybe even moreso than my son is.

4. My daughter comes home from college for the summer! Yay!!!

5. Baseball, hockey playoffs, and NASCAR are all in full swing/tilt/gear.

What do you like about May?


  1. My favorite things about May include:
    *Mother's Day--Motherhood is my favorite life blessing and I have an incredible mother.
    *My son comes home from college for the summer.
    *May flowers--my flower gardens begin blooming.
    *May birthdays--my best friend of 35 years celebrates her birthday exactly 2 months after me.
    *This year, May brings me one month closer to holding my published novel in my hands. :D

  2. Seriously ranks as one of my favorite months, along w/ Sept. Oct. and June.

    Flowers. Outdoorsy smell. Driving with windows down. The sun!

    Happy Mother's Day
    ~ Wendy

  3. I can retreat to my beloved sun room

  4. Linda7:01 AM

    May is my favorite month. Son coming home - today! Sunshine! Peonies! Lilacs! Irises! Shopping and planting flowers! Windows open!

  5. May flowers for sure.

    School doesn't end until end of June for us, sadly!

    Happy Mother's Day, Erica!

  6. I'm totally with you on #1 and #2!! This year we didn't get hammered like last year, but any break from the cold is a plus.

  7. I love hanging outdoors with my family. I also like that I cook less because my husband can grill.

  8. I love that here it means the start of serious gardening. However much tidying and pruning, etc. I might get done earlier in the spring, May is when the annuals can finally be planted out in preparation for a summer of colour. We live rurally and most of our gardens are comprised of shrubs and perennials, so I fill several large containers and hanging baskets with annuals for the deck where we spend most of our time. So far the unusual rain has delayed things this spring, but soon... soon!

  9. Lisa, is the wait exquisite torture? Congrats again on selling your first novel!

    Wendy, tonight I stepped outside and didn't need my coat for the first time in...Forever! Felt so good!

    CJ, happy sunning!

  10. Linda, we need to set a date to plant Lorraine's garden!

    Eileen, Happy Mother's Day to you as well. Too bad about school. Summer is in full swing in June!

    Geo, I'm glad you had a milder winter. You were due.

  11. Katie, you'll be chasing Brogan outside all summer. :)

    Julie, I wish my husband was a grill-master. I'm the one who does most of the grilling here in the summer. I do some mean boneless ribs, thanks to a recipe I got from my brother. :)

    Carol, I start out with all the enthusiasm in the world, planting flowers, digging in the dirt, mulching and weeding...and then it gets hot and buggy and the weeds come faster and faster...sigh. I guess I'm not much of a gardner after all.