Friday, April 29, 2011

The Friday Five

Coinsphoto © 2007 Peter Dutton | more info (via: Wylio)This week's Friday Five is:

If I won the Powerball, what are five things I would do with the money? (Of course, since I never play the Powerball Lottery, I have no chance of winning, but it's fun to kick around ideas.)

1. Solve the issue of which replacement windows to go with at our church by getting a new building. :)

2. Travel and see all the places that I've wanted to see for a very long time: Egypt, The British Museum, New Zealand, The Smithsonian, and so many more.

3. Hire landscapers to finish the patio in the back yard and to spray the lawn to kill the annual Vetsch infestation of dandelions that insist on overtaking the yard each year.

4. Completely plunder

5. Hire Merry Maids and a Chef.

How about you? What would you do if you won the powerball?


  1. Hire household staff to keep the weebles in their own Happy Dale. Oh, and pay off all the college loans and tuition. I'd buy tickets to be your traveling companion.

  2. What fun to dream. If I won, I'd pay off my church's mortgage, set up a scholarship fund to help not-yet-published writers attend the ACFW conference, buy my hubby a snazzy new high-tech bicycle, take The Fashion Queen on a clothes and shoe-shopping spree, and treat myself to a new Coach bag or two.

  3. Fun! Sponsor more kids through Compassion International. Buy my hubby a place to hunt that's close to home. Hire a chef. Take my entire family (In-laws, nieces, nephews, etc.) to Disney World.

  4. I love the idea of plundering Amazon.

    Hmm. Let's see, I'd like a meal like they'll have tonight at the Palace, but I'll have it every night for the rest of my life, please.

    ~ Wendy

  5. Ohhh! I'd love to treat all my family and friends to a luxurious cruise around the world!

  6. I like your number three, but I'd add a gardener to take care of my garden weeds and grass that seems intent on growing in there.

    I'd also go back to Hawaii with my family for an extended stay! :)

  7. Home chef and maids for sure. Send my husband to helicopter pilot school. Pay off the mortgage. Set aside two college funds for my kids. Build a barn w/ stalls.
    This was fun.
    @Keli, so sweet on the ACFW scholarship. Love that.

  8. I'm going with Supermega Power Ball and not like 20K... Not that 20K is anything to sneeze at but way different than 130 mil or something.

    Let's see...

    New building for church is good. Our plans went on hold when the recession hit.

    Build my dream house. Hire friends as possible/appropriate to decorate/clean/nanny/etc.

    Travel. Lots and lots of travel. With people I want to go with.

    School etc for the kids - pay off my loans while I'm at it.

    NEW new cars. And an extra one. A 'Vette for DH. Just for fun. But I get to drive it. My FIL doesn't let anyone - not even SMIL - drive his.

    I like the scholarships for ACFW too. Plus Compassion again. Lots of kids this time.

    And convince Erica that the CUBS are a lost cause. She should be a Cards fan. This might take lots of intensive days at baseball games.