Friday, April 22, 2011

The Friday Five

Easter's Eggphoto © 2007 Mary | more info (via: Wylio)
With today being Good Friday and Easter coming on Sunday, I thought I'd perambulate down memory lane and see what I could dredge up re Easter recollections.

Five memories I have of Easter.

1. New dresses. Often times my sister and I had dresses made from the same pattern but in different colors. They were rarely a surprise, since we had often stood still for fittings and pinning up hems, etc. I don't remember getting new hats, but often this was when we got the summer sandals.

2. The sharp smell of vinegar as we dyed eggs. When my brother was a toddler I remember him having a blue 'glove' one Easter morning, because he accidently dropped his egg into the blue dye and instead of messing with the little wire holder thingy, he just plunged his hand into the dye and rescued his Easter egg.

3. Uncle Fred. My uncle used to come spend Easter weekend with us every year. Because he is only about 10 years my senior, it was more like having an older brother than an uncle. While we went to church, Uncle Fred would hide all the Easter eggs. He was a VERY GOOD Easter egg hider.

4. Being ill. Several Easter seasons in a row I was sick. I spent a couple in the hospital if I remember correctly.

5. The song He Arose. Singing those first two lines so sadly, so slow and dark...then really boosting up the volume and vim for the chorus. Our song-leader, Bill Tucker, really got the congregation into that song.

What do you remember about Easter as a kid?


  1. White socks with lace around the edges, white gloves, and white hats to go with our Easter dresses. I was disappointed when it would turn out to be cold, and we'd wear coats and tights.

    I also remember being at my grandparents and the kids re-hiding the eggs after the Easter egg hunt so we could do it again.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Frilly dress, and a little music box pockabook that began to play in church :-" And chocolate bunnies, and white bunnies. And the brother of friend of Ma's brought us a huge chocolate hen sitting in a chocolate wicker basket. It was hollow but still huge

  3. Wow, the hospital. Those are some strong memories.

    I remember hearing one of my favorite songs for the first time..."Lord of the Dance".
    ~ Wendy

  4. Happy Easter, Erica!

    I remember huge family gatherings--love those!

  5. Chris got a big kick out of #3 when I read it to him. He said Uncle Fred's eggs were impossible to find... like underneath the hood of the car and places that were never in plain sight.