Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Spring Break

Spring is herephoto © 2010 Louise Docker | more info (via: Wylio)I'm so happy to have my daughter home on spring break. I've missed her so much! She's doing well at college and really having a great time there, but her absence is felt at home.

Her spring break seems really early this year. We've still got a foot of snow on the ground and more falling this week. It's hard to remember that in a matter of weeks things will be green and blooming, warm and fresh.

This anticipation of the change of seasons has me wondering about seasons in my novels. I've written stories set during the winter and the spring and high summer, and I've written a couple set in the fall. I didn't really set out to have variety of seasons in my stories. They just happened that way. Some stories are set around a particular holiday, such as my upcoming Christmas novella: Christmas Service, or the Fourth of July celebration in A Bride's Portrait of Dodge City, Kansas. The Bartered Bride needed to finish up in November, since the events in the story are based upon an actual event in history that took place in the month of November 1905.

So, question for you, do you incorporate different seasons into your work? Have you included holidays?


  1. Sounds like a fun time! I don't think I've used any holidays, but I should.

  2. It must be so special to have time with your daughter!

    July 4th had great significance in one of my novels and most for some odd reason were set in the summer months.

    My WIP has some winter in it. Hooray for changing it up.
    ~ Wendy

  3. Yep, different seasons but no holidays yet.

    As for your poll....I can't believe how many people have a set way of how TP should go!!!
    Seems kind of anal, pardon the pun. *grin*

  4. The Young One is also on Spring Break this week. Doesn't seem like Spring yet, though I can see a patch of grass over the septic tank where the snow has melted. Enjoy the week with your girlie.

  5. Yay for time with your daughter. Hope you have lots of fun! I'm sure it's much needed time for her, as well.

  6. I'm with you on the early spring break, Erica. Kimberly also has spring break this week. Our snow was almost gone, but we got another inch or two last night. We were hoping to take some family pictures outdoors....maybe by Friday the weather will cooperate.

  7. Oh gosh I LOVE me some holidays! Also I have a problem with wanting to insert one too many birthdays. What can I say? It's the party girl in me. ;)