Monday, March 28, 2011

New Cover Art

I'm so happy to unveil some new cover art! Before the Dawn releases in just a few days! I love this cover. The colors are so beautiful, and the mountains are perfect!

From the back cover:

There’s nothing left.

His career, his upcoming marriage, his family, his life. When God deserted him in the depths of a collapsing mine shaft, David Mackenzie lost everything. Even his sight. Oh, but not his life. No, God didn’t take that. Determined not to rely on anyone else to get along, David wraps himself tightly in folds of bitterness as dark as his new world.

But Karen will not give up. Through a series of, well, maneuvers, Karen manages to convince David to marry her anyway. She quickly discovers, however, that though she loves him unconditionally, she shouldn’t have stepped ahead of God—who also never gives up.

God’s love is a light that can break through any darkness, but Karen and David must turn toward the light in order to experience it. As they learn the truth behind the accident and face a darkness neither expected, will they make the right choice?
And a little excerpt

“This will be a marriage in name only. I have no intention of consummating our union. When the time comes that you realize your mistake in marrying me, you can apply for an annulment.”

The air rushed out of her lungs and her head spun. An annulment? “When are you going to understand that I have no intention of leaving you? Did you not hear me today? I promised to love, honor, and obey you until death parted us.”

“I heard your promise. Now obey me and take your things to the next room. I’m tired, and I’d like to go to bed. It’s been a long day.” He stepped farther into the room and waited.

Numb at this turn of events, Karen gathered her valise and straightened. “David, can’t we talk about this?”

“This is not a matter for discussion. Go to bed.”

She gathered the lamp and stepped into the hall. He closed the door behind her, shutting her out as effectively as putting out a cat for the night. The final humiliation came when he turned the key in the lock.

And more new cover art!

Though Sagebrush Knights doesn't release until next year, I can't resist sharing this fabulous cover art. These novellas are the stories of four sisters who become mail order brides, hoping their husbands-to-be will be gallant knights, and are shocked at the knights-of-the-range that greet them. The girls are daughters of a medieval scholar who left them penniless when he died, and they are ill-equipped for life on the Wyoming Prairie amid the sagebrush and antelope.

I'm ridiculously excited to write the stories of Evelyn and Gareth, Jane and Harrison, Gwendolyn and Matthew, and Emeline and Joseph.

And I love that I have cover art to work with. It's so much easier to write my characters when I have a picture to work from. I'll cast one of the heroines as this lovely girl on the cover, and match one of the heroes to the cowboy.

I love a cover with people on it, and not chin-only people or headless people, though that is a very popular trend in CBA cover art at the moment.

How about you? Do you like people on the cover, and do they need to have complete faces?


  1. Love the covers! Covers with chin people or headless people freak me out. If the publishers don't want to impose a character on the reader, then the model should be photographed from the back or profile so the face isn't totally visible. JMNSHO

  2. How cool to post these. I love how the light is behind the title on the first one and how you touch upon that in your description.

    ~ Wendy

  3. Linda8:06 AM

    Ooooh, love those covers! The colors are awesome. And that girl, who wouldn't want to read about her? Her smile is contagious, but there is something in those eyes. Somebody better look out.

  4. Oh my goodness, you have been a very busy little beaver, errr, writer, I mean.

    Okay, you really need to put links to Amazon up when you show and tell of such wonderful stories that are or soon to be released. I've never read one with a blind hero before. Can't wait to get my copy! Thanks for sharing, Erica!

  5. Erica, I love your covers. And the stories sound great. Mail-order bride and marriage of convenience stories are my all-time favorites. Can't wait to read yours.

  6. Love the covers. And I love complete faces on covers as well. I find myself flipping back to the cover (if it has pictures) when I come across a description in the see if it matches but also so I can visualize the scene better.

    It's so exciting that you have a cover and the stories aren't even written yet. Is that typical?

  7. I'm lovin' on the covers, Erica!!! Way cool and makes me want to read them liek immediately :) :)

  8. CJ, me too! I have visions of Marie Antoinette!

    Wendy, all three books in this series have to do with light. And there's a little twist in book three that harks back to the title of book one. I hope folks pick up on it. I'm sure they will, since I have very savvy readers. :)

    Linda, I agree! A saucy character is lurking in that girl's eyes. :)

  9. Eileen! It's so good to see you blogging again. I would love to put an Amazon link up, but Before the Dawn won't be available anywhere but through Heartsong for the next little while.

    Keli, I love mail-order bride stories myself. :)

  10. Love!!!! I'm in total cover lust. Great work, girl! You have made serious fans of both my friend and I. We can't wait to get our mitts on your next books.

  11. Lacie, it isn't typical to get cover art so far in advance of the book being written, but Barbour is putting out several novella collections next year, and they had the first dozen or so cover art designs done at once. Sagebrush Knights is one of the last ones in the first batch to release.

    Jaime! Yay! I'm so glad you like them!

  12. Both are beautiful, girl!!

  13. Oh wow! They are both just beautiful!!!! Love it!

  14. I certainly remember Before the Dawn and the cover portrays the characters well. Love the softer pastel colors and not being able to see the faces of the people - kind of a play on the theme. :)
    Will look for the book when it comes out.

  15. The covers are lovely, Erica! My favourite is the one for BEFORE THE DAWN. I really love it -- the colours and the scene. I prefer to imagine characters from a story, so having people on the cover wouldn't be my first choice, but the story is what counts, and I'm looking forward to these ones of yours.

  16. I found your blog through Katie G's blog... it's so exciting for me - as someone who is just now starting to jump in - to see how this whole process plays out.

    Congratulations! I love the covers!

  17. Tana! Thank you for sharing my books with your friend. I'm glad you've both enjoyed them. Makes my heart happy! :)

    Katie, Thanks, girl! :D

    Sherrinda! thanks for coming by! :)

  18. Donna, this version is hopefully better than the original story you read years ago. A lot has changed since then.

    Carol, I hope you enjoy Before the Dawn and that the story lives up to the cover art. I'm okay with people on the cover as long as they match the story and have all their heads! :)

    Kristy K! Welcome! Thanks for coming to my blog, and congrats for jumping into this crazy writing life! I wish you all the best, and I hope we get a chance to meet IRL sometime! Perservere and you'll be holding your own book cover art in your hands soon!

  19. Beautiful covers!! I've been afraid to post mine even though Becky said she thought it was okay! Am I being over cautious??

  20. Gina, since you're writing in a collection with three other authors, maybe you would like to coordinate when you release the cover art?

    Also, watch, because the books are available for pre-order a long time before the release date, and the cover art will go up on that site.

    Once it's on Amazon, it might be good to have it on your blog/website.