Monday, March 07, 2011

Getting my Life Back

Basketballphoto © 2008 Ryan Fung | more info (via: Wylio)
This past weekend I spent in Mankato, MN at the Christian Athletic League basketball tournament. What a fun time!

The Rochester Area Homeschool Defenders rocked! The boys finished third and the girls took first place. I'm so proud of how everyone played. They were good sports, fought hard, and played well. And I understand that RAHS Defenders took home the sportsmanship awards as well. YAY!

As exciting as this season has been, I admit that I am looking forward to my schedule freeing up a bit. My WIP could use some attention and so could my house. There are several things in my life that are feeling a trifle raveled.

Congratulations to my son who accomplished several of his goals this year re basketball. He wanted to play in a JV game, get a basket in a JV game, play in a Varsity game, and get a basket in a Varsity game. Yay! He accomplished all those things. This season has brought challenges and accomplishments and new friends and new skills.

And not just for James. :)

But I'm looking forward to a little time away from the bleachers.

How about you? Have you been a sports mom? Are you feeling a little raveled?


  1. Brogan's too young for sports, but I hope someday I get to be! :)

  2. Like Katie, we're not there yet, but I'm sure we will be in a few years.

  3. Yeah for your son!

    I'm getting ready to head into our season here. I assistant coach my 7yo's soccer team.

    ~ Wendy

  4. Congratulations for your sons accomplishments - yay!

    My oldest daughter is still deciding which sport interests her the most so she plays a few things here and there. But I hope all my kids one day find something they really enjoy and I can root for because I know how important sports were for me when I was young.

  5. That's awesome for your son! I am also a basketball mom and I am really glad the season is over. I love it and I love watching him play, but it is always a relief to have it come to an end. :)

  6. Hi Erica! I'm just beginning my "sports mom" life. My son's first T-Ball practice starts tomorrow. Why in the world do they schedule these things right at dinner time? :)

  7. Yay for getting your life back! I'm definitely a sports mom, both gymnastics and soccer, so I can identify. It can be quite involving.

  8. Oh yeah--and tell him congratulations!!!

  9. Wonderful! Congratulations to him!

    Yes, I'm a sports mom. This weekend is our final basketball tourney, and I'm like you, ready to get my life back! At least until baseball and track...