Friday, March 04, 2011

The Friday Five

I wear my newspaper hat photo © 2010 Kate Ter Haar | more info (via: Wylio)

This week's Friday Five is five questions about your newspaper reading habits.

1. What is your favorite section of the newspaper?

2. Sunday comics or weekday strips? Which comic is your favorite?

3. Do you read a local paper, a national paper? Both?
4. Does the paper become bird cage lining, do you recycle, or does it get thrown in the trash?

5. Where do you read the paper? At home, at work, or elsewhere?


  1. 1. Lifestyle / Entertainment
    2. Family Circle
    3. Both
    4. Neither. I read them online.
    5. Usually at work.

  2. We don't get the paper to save money and so I don't get more stressed out reading bad news.

    I'd probably be a sucker for the People section if we did (and the comics of course).
    ~ Wendy

  3. We don't get the newspaper any more. Haven't for years. By the time we got around to reading it, we were reading old news. I get the little town rag from Prissy, a week or two later just to see when the high school has the electronics recycle day.. Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, all go to the recycle bin

  4. We stopped getting the paper at least five years ago: partly to save money; partly because we just weren't reading it until the news was old; and partly because we just couldn't stand the local editorial political views. I get much of my news info online; Ann gets it from radio news. Sign of the times, I guess.

  5. We don't get the paper anymore either. But when we did...I enjoyed flipping through all the ads and the real estate section. Something about property for sale is exciting to me. Never really read the comics though. :)

  6. We haven't got the paper in forever, but I used to love reading the Lifestyle section and maybe I'd do the crossword puzzle :)

  7. I don't read the paper. I barely ever watch the news. Crazy, I know! I'm clueless when it comes to the news.

  8. Hi Erica!

    1. The food section...mmmm.
    2. Sunday comics
    3. Local
    4. I read it online... sorry, I've never got into the paper paper habit.
    5. At home.

  9. 1. The Lifestyle and Gardening sections.
    2. I haven't seen a comic strip in years, but Dennis the Menace used to be a favourite. That, and Cathy.
    3. Most often I read only our free local community newspaper. I catch news of the bigger things on TV and/or on the computer.
    4. All our paper goes into recycle. We recycle just about everything!
    5. When I read it, it's at home, usually with coffee while I'm taking a break from doing something else.