Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm writing this on Sunday evening to schedule it to go live on Wednesday morning. Yesterday, if everything went according to plan, I got my braces off!

Braces are something I've wanted for a very long time. But life always seemed to intervene. I had two teenagers who needed braces. When I turned 40, I decided I wasn't ever going to be younger, and if I wanted straight teeth, now was the time.

January of last year I started the process of adjustments, bands, brackets, wax, and It-now-takes-me-20-mins-to-floss. I opted not to go with the invisible braces, because I wanted to get done with the process quicker, and I didn't really care if I had metal on my teeth or not as far as my looks go. It falls under the "life's too short to worry about stuff like that" category.

Braces at this point in my life have caused comment, double-takes, and even got me carded once. :D What a hoot.

So, did you have braces? Have you been through the process with your kids?


  1. Congratulations! Now we need a picture!!!

    I got braces when I was 28 and got them off right when I got pregnant with my fourth child! I was supposed to get them in high school, but I wore a big metal back brace my freshman and sophomore year and just couldn't bring myself to get more metal after that. I was sure glad I did later though. :)

  2. I got my braces on a week before pictures were taken for the high school year book. I got them off in my junior year of college.

    The Eldest got braces two years ago. If all goes according to plan, she'll get hers off in May.

    So, did your plans work out or did you have to cancel because of the cold?

  3. I was the fourth girl. I think by the time it got to my teeth my folks had said, "Foget about it."

    No braces for me. ;)

    ~ Wendy

  4. You had braces? I don't even know if I noticed! Congrats on getting them off! What a good feeling. :-)
    I will always be thankful to my mom for getting me braces. I had an absolutely horrible overbite so I got braces in eighth grade and loved them.

  5. Congratulations on doing something later in life for yourself. And congrats for getting them off.

    I've never had braces, nor have my boys.

  6. I've never had braces but as I get older, I wonder if I'll ever need them in the future. I hope not. I'm afraid my vanity would cause chaos...I applaude you for your "don't care" attitude. :)

  7. Wow that was super quick! Congratulations!

  8. Congrats, Erica! I so know how you feel!

    I got braces when I was 31. It was funny hearing my three-year-old say, "We're going to the orthodontist." It would take her about four seconds to get that big word out, but she always did!

    I did Invisalign and even then had to have the metal ones for a few months. But I remember a month after I got the first set of braces, I quit biting myself while I was eating! That was so worth it! I'd been suffering with that since my early teens.

  9. Braces? Absolutely! I loved that slimy, smooth feeling of running my tongue over my teeth for like ten years after I got them off! And no longer having to worry about bread stuck in my braces. Euwww.

  10. Yay!! Braces and straight teeth! I had braces as a teen, wore my retainer for five years, and unfortunately my front teeth went crooked again. Not nearly as bad as before, thank goodness! I kind of like my snaggletooth!

  11. I can totally relate to "life's too short to worry about stuff like that", Erica. Last week, when I visited my dentist in St. Petersburg, I was asked to choose which procedure should go first, the fluoride treatment or the teeth whitening. It made me think of what's more important to me: healthy teeth or white teeth? I thought that I could get by with slightly yellow teeth, so I chose the fluoride treatment. Life is about prioritizing, you know.