Monday, February 28, 2011

New Craft Book

This last week the mailman brought me a new book on craft that I'm looking forward to dipping into. The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes and Heroines by Cowden, LaFever & Viders.

The basic set-up of the book describes 8 hero personalities and 8 heroine personalities.

For Heroes:

  1. The Chief
  2. The Bad Boy
  3. The Best Friend
  4. The Charmer
  5. The Lost Soul
  6. The Professor
  7. The Swashbuckler
  8. The Warrior
For Heroines:

  1. The Boss
  2. The Seductress
  3. The Spunky Kid
  4. The Free Spirit
  5. The Waif
  6. The Librarian
  7. The Crusader
  8. The Nurturer
Even better than the descriptions of these personality types, the book goes on to describe how each of these personality types interacts with the others and gives examples from movies and television of each of the personality types.

I love that this book breaks down the different types into strengths, weaknesses, occupations, etc. I can't wait to use it to help me create interesting casts of characters.

Have you read this book? And what would you cast yourself as based upon these lists?


  1. Hmmm, the authors need to add another category to both heroes and heroines. Outlaw. That's me.

  2. Cross between free spirit and librarian.

    Love it. Just for the personality dig alone I'd enjoy reading this book.

    ~ Wendy

  3. Haven't read that book but it looks interesting. I think I fall solidly into the nurturer category. How would you label yourself? :)

  4. How have I never heard of this book? Sounds super interesting. I love books that talk about personality types and character traits. Well, I'm definitely not the waif or the nurturer. Sadly, I must be the Boss.

  5. Never heard of it. Sounds GREAT!

  6. Cool! I giggled at "The Chief." It just brought strange things to mind. I don't know why!

    Let us know how you like it!

  7. I'd have to classify myself as a cross between THe Spunky Kid with a little bit of Nurterer thrown in. I must get this book tho - it looks fantasic!

  8. It has been on my Amazon wishlist for awhile. I need to break down and order it.

  9. Thanks for the help in this question, I too consider, that the easier, the better ??¦