Friday, February 04, 2011

The Friday Five

hey its the letter y!photo © 2008 echoforsberg | more info (via: Wylio)
Today's Friday Five is brought to you by the Letter Y.

Four things I like that start with the letter Y and one thing I don't.

1. Yeasty bread. I love the smell of bread, hot from the oven, ready for buttering.

2. Yarn. Especially really soft baby yarn. I like to crochet baby blankets for new babies when I can. I have a favorite pattern that I always use, only varying the colors.

3. "Yes, Ma'am" which is the proper response when one of my children is given a task by me. Love to hear a cheerful "yes, ma'am" and have quick obedience.

4. Yellow daffodils. A sure sign of spring around here.

Coming up with things I DON'T like that start with Y was easier. The New York Yankees, yogurt, yawning, yams, yodeling...

How about you? Thumbs up or thumbs down to things that start with Y?

Today is the last day that I'm over at Shannon Vannatter Taylor's Inkslinger Blog talking about my real life romance. You can drop on by and enter to win a copy of The Bartered Bride. This book is now out of print and I only have a couple of copies left, so hurry. :)

Also, Rebecca Germany updated the fiction acquisitions at Barbour and she mentions A Bride's Portrait of Dodge City, Kansas. You can check things out at

Have a happy weekend!


  1. You don't like yogurt, fish, or pasta. What a fussy eater! (-;

    I like working with Yes, Paste when I collage. No, I don't eat it as it doesn't have the same consistency or delicious smell of the paste I used in kindergarten.

    Yellow daffodils. We won't see those until August at the rate we're going with snow.

    I don't like yucky cheese or cheese of any type for that matter.

  2. Oh man, Katie did I need that laugh. I did! :D

    I sort of like yawning. Weird I am.

    And yes to any and all flowers and yeasty bread!

    Like: Years. I like living 'em
    Dislike: Yippie dogs

    Thanks for the friend you are!
    ~ Wendy

  3. Lol, Katie! Good stuff :)

    I LOVE yellow daffodils, though yellow tulips are my favorite. Yay for yogurt, and I'm not a big fan of the Yankees either.

  4. Yarn is fun, all the possibilies.

    Yoda is cool.

    yeasty breads, does anything smell better?

    I am going to add Yellowstone to the Y list, love it there, all of it!

  5. Katie, I've been laughing at that comment all morning!!!!

  6. Y...I love yarn, yogurt, yeasty breads, and Yoda is very cool. :D

    I don't like yelling...something I do way too much of...

  7. Hey I love yams! In fact now you have me 'yearning' for some! Have you had they deep fried? Their fantastic!!