Friday, December 17, 2010

The Friday Five

Sign for the T stairs in Pembroke Collegephoto © 2009 Tim Regan | more info (via: Wylio) Okay, so when I scheduled this post, it was for 4 pm instead of 4 am...yikes.  So, here's the Friday Five ahead of when I actually scheduled it, but well behind when I wanted it to post...welcome to my world.
This week's Friday Five is brought to you by The Letter T.

Four things I like and one thing  I don't that starts with the letter T.

1. Tacos. Like those...softshell, with sour cream.

2. TV. I like to watch tv. Sports, movies, shows.

3. Tournament Time. I LOVE the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament and all of the March Madness.

4. Turtle Mocha -- iced. From Caribou Coffee.

And one thing I don't like...

5. Tempers. Not a fan of the hot temper. Glad I'm married to a very patient, easy-going man. We celebrated 21 years of marriage yesterday.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Erica! Congratulations on 21 years :)

    I LOVE tacos, too. I had some super yummy soft shell ones last week and I think I'm going to make some at home next week sometimes. I like tea, too. Hot tea and iced tea, pretty much any kind of tea besides Chai tea.

    What I don't like? Tarantulas. Kind of random, I guess, but I had one of those walk on me one time (without my permission) and I do NOT want to repeat that experience.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Temper. Yeah. That's something I need to hold onto tightly. Thank you Jesus, for coming into my life. Otherwise my temper would be through the roof. I blame it on the Irish running in my veins.

    Things I like that start with T:

    Tater tots, tannenbaums (look at me, being all festive), teleportation (wish I could do it)

    Things I don't like:

    Tapdancing (I don't get it), turkey (I don't really get that's dry and sort of tasteless)

  3. Love tacos. We just had a Chipotle open up near us! Yes, yes we did!

    Hello date night!!!

    Like: Tapas (fun food).
    Dislike: Ticks. Found one on my daughter once and I went into protective overdrive.

  4. Merry Christmas!!!
    ~ Wendy

  5. Happy Happy Anniversary girl! I hate tempers too! I heart tacos =), tea, traditions, the sound of 'tearing' wrapping paper. ;)

  6. Just to make you squirm, I love tuna. I like tacos, too, but not that nasty cheese that goes on top. Not to fond of the sour cream either.