Friday, December 10, 2010

The Friday Five

The letter S for TWTME Scavanger huntphoto © 2007 Laura Askelin | more info (via: Wylio)
Today's post is brought to you by The Letter S

Four things I like that start with S and one thing I don't.

1. Swans. Love swans, so graceful and sleek and serene on the surface, but paddling like mad under the water.

2. Soaking. In the wintertime I love to take a hot bath and chase away the chill of the day. I call it making cannibal soup. :)

3. Springtime. In MN this means April and May. The early part of spring is ugly here, muddy, slushy, tempermental weather. But late spring is gorgeous. Lilacs, forsythia, tulips, and finally, green again. I never realize how much my eyes are aching to see green growing things again until one warm spring day when I look at some trees in the distance and see that mist of emerald, jade, and olive that means baby leaves are sprouting.

4. Silverado. I LOVE that western. When I was in high school, I bet I watched it at least twenty times.

One thing I don't like that starts with S

5. Sand. In my shoes, tracked across the floor, clinging to my bare feet, getting between my toes...ugh. Not a fan of sand.

And a BONUS Thing I LOVE that starts with S....SEEKERVILLE! I'm over at Seekerville today talking about when I first discovered I wanted to be a writer. Hop on over to and join the discussion...I'm giving away a copy of Maggie and the Maverick to one commentor.


  1. My son loves Silverado. My husband fast forwards it to the scene where they are on their horses running from the sheriff. He also loves to watch the wagons go through the river. Have a great weekend.

  2. I love the graphic you chose! I love silence especially when I am working. Hate Swiss cheese.

  3. Oh, I'm running around today but I'll have to click over. Nice way to add Seekerville in. ;)

    Like: Soccer
    Dislike: Sin

    Sending love and thanks for you know what.
    ~ Wendy

  4. Seekerville rocks! And there's a wonderful guest blogger there today: YOU!!!

    Here's a link for those who want to see what question Erica asked visitors to Seekerville on this fine Friday: When Did You First Know . . .?.

  5. Yay for Seekerville!

    I love sand! And my sister. And salsa!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Yay for being a Seekerville today! I like stories and lately...soup, for some reason :)

    I don't like sneezing--because I've been doing that a lot lately, too.

  7. Spring is awesome. And I like snowflakes, smiles and snuggles.

    Do not like sauerkraut.

  8. I got nothin' for S. My mind is completely blank.

    Oh. Never mind.


  9. Oh I love sand! I forgive its annoying presence in my shoes and other places. ;) I also love swans as evidenced by the two I have sitting atop my dining room, Sweedish fish, silence and I don't care for bratworst sausages.

  10. Silverado is the best... I love it. "Mister, I don't wanna kill you, and you don't wanna be dead."