Friday, December 03, 2010

The Friday Five

The letter 'R'photo © 2009 Tim Regan | more info (via: Wylio)
This week's Friday Five is brought to you by The Letter R.

Four things I like that start with R and one thing I don't.

1. Red. I love the color red.

2. Rhombus. When I was in kindergarten, I sat at the orange rhombus table. (Each table had a shape in a different color.) The cool kids sat at the purple ellipse table, and the nerds, geeks, and outcasts sat at the orange rhombus table. I find it a little sad that at five, I was already aware of peer pressure and judging people. Not much has changed, I'm still an orange rhombus, and I always will be...only now, it doesn't bother me. :)

3. Rodeos. I love rodeos. Favorite events are calf roping and team roping.

4. Reading. Ask my mama. I've had my nose in a book ever since I learned to read.

One thing I don't like that starts with R...

5. Radishes. Ick.


  1. Red is cool. Robert Redford is dreamy. Radishes are icky and so is Roquefort

  2. scoot scoot. That's me asking you to scoot over so I can sit with you at the orange rhombus table.

    Like: Oh, I have to agree READING!
    Dislike: Racism

    ~ Wendy

  3. Oooh, CJ did some alliteration with the R's. Nice.

    I like Red, too. One of my favorite colors. And rain. I love the rain. I don't like running--no fun. Walking is better, much more relaxing.

  4. Finally - a good I'm with you on! Radishes are most definitely ICK!

    Something that starts with an R that I like quite a lot: Ryan.

  5. Romance novels. I love romance novels! And a bright red can of Coke. Ripping off wrapping paper.

    Dislike? ridicule

    Happy Weekend!