Wednesday, December 08, 2010


071/365 Cryingphoto © 2010 Oscar Castañón Barragán (via: Wylio)

What was up with last Friday?

I am not a crying kinda girl. I loathe crying. It makes my head hurt, my eyes itch, and my trashcan overflow with Puffs Plus with Lotion.

And yet, on Friday, I cried pretty much all day. Good thing I was alone in the house. (Supposed to be writing, but instead, I was sniffling and mopping my eyes all day.)

For the life of me, I can't pin down why I was so weepy. Pretty much everything made me cry. Happy things, sad things, ordinary see-em-every-day things. I ran through the usual list of culprits for unexplained tears: No, I'm not pregnant (that ship has sailed.) No, I'm not PMS-ing (that ship sailed too.) No, I'm not least I don't think I am...would I know if I was? Is wondering about it a sign that you're not? Or a sign that you are??? More tears.

And my poor husband and son. It snowed hard on Friday afternoon into the evening, and when they got home from work, my husband said we needed to cancel date-night because of the weather.

I promptly burst into tears. Again. For the millionth time that day. Poor man. The son was smart. He scattered.

I apologized for crying, told my husband I had no explanation, and it wasn't due to date-night being canceled (though that always makes me sad.) I was just a sodden mess with no clue why.

Then my husband did the sweetest thing. He put his arms around me and said, "I think we should go sit in the living room with all the lights off except those on the Christmas tree, and we should just talk."

So we did, and in a few minutes, I felt a zillion times better. We talked about Christmas and snow and the kids and work and life and movies and a whole bunch of inconsequential stuff, and poof, my whole take on the day changed.

I love that man.

Have you ever had a weepy day with no clue as to why?


  1. OH GREAT POST! Wow, talk about sweet romance! I loved this.

    Yes, and the hubs always stands about five feet away and opens his arms and tells me to get over there until it's all better. I love when they get what we need!

    Sounds like you got the date night still!

  2. Yes and No. Yes, I have weepy days. But no, I know where they come from. About once a month, before Aunt Flo (HA! I haven't used that one since high school) comes to town. I get quite weepy.

    Sorry you had a rotten, no-good, no-clue-why day. But thankful your hubs is a man who knows how to handle a woman properly. :)

  3. Your DH is a real keeper.

  4. I have sooooooo been here. Right here.

    I'm an emotional gal. I feel for my husband sometimes. Yours sounds like he stepped up beautifully.

    Something about those lights, I'm tellin' ya!

    I blame mine on early menopause (of which I have no idea whether I'm enduring, but I blame it on that seems like a good thing to blame).


    Sending love,

  5. You're husband sounds so sweet! And yes, Lord knows I've had those days. I usually chalk it up to hormones. Oh the joys of being a woman. =)

  6. Yes! The older I get, the more I cry for no reason. The other day I cried telling my husband about a story I heard on the radio. Becoming a mother made me a big ball of mush. :)

  7. What a sweet husband! And a smart son! Ha!

    I've definitely had those days. Sometimes a good cry is exactly what we girls need. Sorry you had a rough day!

  8. YES!!! Last week I had a day like that and I kept wondering what in the world was wrong with me... Glad I'm not alone ;)

    If you need to cry, give me a call and we'll dig in to ice cream and have a little weepy-fest :) Hope today is better!

  9. I'm a weepy woman, so for me tears are nothing new. When our daughter was two, I had to teach her what tears of joy are because I shed them every time she acquired a new skill. Our poor little dearie thought she'd done something wrong if she made Mommy cry.

    For what it's worth, Erica, I think you could be crying tears of joy yourself. You've worked so hard for so long, and you're watching your career soar. It could just be that you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by the blessings the Lord's showered on you.

    And that hubby of yours is a BIG one. Any husband who is willing to offer a hug, shoulder, and listening ear at just the right time is a gift.

  10. Your evening by the Christmas tree was probably even nicer than the planned outing. Aren't husbands wonderful? I've never been much for crying, although it would have been better for me on some occasions than bottling everything inside. As I'm getting older, however, I seem to be more emotional... certain movies and books will set the tears to overflowing, but I always know why. Keli may have hit on your reason... a little overwhelmed by happiness, or possibly by all the changes and pressures that your writing success has involved. Whatever the case, I hope you get some down time over Christmas to rest and refuel. Blessings to you.