Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Antique camera, detailphoto © 2009 James Jordan
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(via: Wylio)

One of the challenges to blogging is finding interesting pictures. An even greater challenge is finding interesting pictures and not ripping them off from someone.

Did you know that just because a photograph is on the internet doesn't mean you can right click and swipe it for your own use?

But you can spend hours...days...weeks...months searching for photos that are free to use.

I've found a shortcut to this tedious practice. It's a site called

Wylio searches the creative commons area of flikr (all free use photographs) by keyword. When you find a photo you want to use, it will size the photograph, let you choose where on the blog post you want to put it (right, left, or center) and supply the attribution in the caption area of the photograph. You grab the HTML code, paste it into your blog post, and Wal-ah! (or Voy-o-lee, as my daughter says) a legal, easy peasy picture that you didn't steal.

Thousands of pictures are available. I love this tool to help make blogging easier. Try it out for yourself.

Question...where do you get your blog photographs?


  1. I also find Morguefile ( and Stock Xchng ( good sources. There are some restrictions for use as some of the photographers want to be notified if you use one of their photographs. Check the restrictions. Another great source is Dover Publiciations. Sign up for free clipart samples. Each week, Dover sends a newsletter with links for free clipart for you to download and use copyright free.

  2. Oh, and Stock Xchng also sells premium photographs. Again, check the restrictions on use

  3. Love this tip, Erica! Thanks.

  4. Good tip. I need to check into these.

    ~ Wendy

  5. I usually just google images and don't even check the "availability" of the photo. Yikes! Thanks for a safe way to search. :)

  6. We're supposed yo use photos?

  7. This is great. Also yahoo images has a tab for pictures available for use which I often use.

  8. When I first began blogging I didn't use photos regularly but whenever I did, I chose one of my own. (With photography as a hobby I have quite an accumulation, although not all are viewer worthy.) Later if I occasionally needed something specific I began hunting for free use photos and have found many at Credit and a link is required for free use, or you can buy them without restrictions. Google Images is another source although some images are copyrighted.

    I hadn't heard of Wylio, but I'm surprised if it selects from photos on Flickr. I'm on Flickr and I know my photos are all listed with the default, "visible to everyone" and "c All Rights Reserved," as are most others that I'm aware of. They are copyrighted, not public domain, but maybe there are people who remove those designations when posting there and those are what Wylio accesses. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip.

  9. P.S. Went to check the codes on some of the Flickr photos on Wylio and discovered the designation, "i -Some rights reserved," which means they can legitimately be used with the appropriate credit. I'm delighted to find this new source of photos! Thanks once again.

  10. I haven't heard of Wylio, but what a great tip! I use Creative Commons, but I have to type in and link the proper attribution. This sounds even easier! Thanks!

  11. Ooo! Thanks! I love learning about new sites!

  12. I hadn't heard of Wylio. Thanks for telling us about it.
    I take many of my own photos. But I'm always looking for public domain pics.