Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Front Street Replica, Dodge Cityphoto © 2008 Kevin H | more info(via: Wylio)

I'm really enjoying writing my current WIP. The words are flowing, I'm in love with my characters, and the story is loaded with conflict. So much so, that I'm going to have to do a careful read-through when I'm done with this draft in order to make sure I have adequately kept track of all the problems.

I've been writing on this story every day except Sundays for a few weeks now. Last Friday was an exception. My husband invited me along on a lumber delivery down into Iowa. Since it had been awhile since I'd gone along with him and because he's been so great about giving me time to write, I didn't want to say no, even though I would miss a writing day.

What I didn't expect was that while I was riding in the truck through the November countryside on our way to some of our Amish customers, my mind would keep returning to 1878 Dodge City. I missed my characters and the frontier town where I have spent so much time over the past few weeks. I was homesick for my storyworld.

On our way home, my husband looked over at me and asked what I was thinking about. I didn't answer right away, and he smiled. "Your story?"

"Um, yeah."

He patted my hand. "It's okay. I like that about you."

Do you get homesick for your storyworld when you miss some writing time?


  1. I so do. And what a sweet guy to say he likes that about you!!!

    Yes, I wonder what they're up to, how they're feeling--all those neurotic things writers feel. ;)

    ~ Wendy

  2. You mean he didn't ask "What's for supper when we get home?" LOL You got a keeper.

  3. Awwwwwwwwww!!!!
    My husband understands similarly - usually it's been that I get stuck in plotting mode, though. Sometimes it's hard to shut that part of my thinking off!

  4. Awwww, what a sweet husband!! :)

  5. How far into Iowa? Surely you didn't get close to me and not stop?


  6. Oh gosh yes! Isn't that fun? I think it shows the level of commitment and devotion to the worlds we create.

  7. That has happened to me when I have spent a good deal of time on a story and the characters begin to stay with 24/7. Even though I get up from the computer they follow me out of the room. It doesn't happen so much when I have a schedule of hit and miss writing. Also, when I am able to write a good deal of time I think the characters are stronger and more real.

  8. You and I have been keeping our noses to the grindstone and out of trouble. I'm glad you had time together.

    Your hubby sounds as sweet as mine!

  9. YES!! I'm glad I'm not alone!!

  10. Yes, I know that feeling. I get impatient to return to them when other commitments keep me away. My characters sometimes follow me to bed, too. It's in those not-quite-asleep-yet moments that I'll think of the perfect retort or the ideal resolution for a difficult scene. I've been known to get out of bed and sneak out in the dark to my office to write things down, although I also have a pad and illuminated pen on my beside table.

    Your husband sounds very sweet. :)

  11. With eight months off, yes, I can honestly say that I do get homesick. Often just a single scene from one of the stories I've written would pop into my head and a longing to return to it would come. If nothing else, I guess that means we really do love our stories.

  12. Oh, yes!!! It's so ridiculous how I miss my story when I'm away from it, especially if I leave in the middle of an issue I'm trying to work out. That is so cute that he patted your hand and loves that bout you. I like to think my husband loves that about me as well. We're so lucky.