Friday, November 05, 2010

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is brought to you by the letter N.

Four things I like that start with N and one thing I don't.

1. Nice people. My SIL, Linda, always says, "Try nice first" and that's such good advice. She's a smart lady.

2. Nanette, another SIL. She is so funny and smart and really cares about people. She's a great mom and a great lady.

3. Night at the Museum. I LOVE this movie. I thought it was a hilarious concept and it was put together very well.

4. Nuts. I like peanuts, pecans, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts...'course they say you are what you eat...hmmm....

and one thing I don't like that starts with N.

5. Noodles. Not a fan of pasta too much.

So, what do you like and not like that starts with the letter N, and do you like Noodles??



  1. I love pasta! But mostly with white sauce or cheese, not red sauce (unless it's lasagna or some kind of stuffed shells)

    I like Nate, my middlest son. :-) I don't really care for nuts, but love them when they're paired with chocolate.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I'm laughing because Jessica...pasta starts with a P. ;)

    I like Newlyweds, because they're all cute and lovey-dovey.

    I don't like NaNo, only because I'm jealous of all these people pounding out the words. Time for me to get back into a story!!

  3. As an Italian, I can't believe you don't like macaroni. Pasta was always called macaroni when I was growing up. I could eat pasta every day of the week. So, you don't like fish, you don't like macaroni. What a fussy eater you are!

    So I love noodles. Even made my own this week. I don't like Neufchatel.

  4. Noodles...mmm, love noodles, especially with white sauce (red sauce almost always does a number caled "Severe Heartburn"). Sometimes, just noodles with butter and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top is really good.

    Nougat. Not sure what it is, really, except it's almost always in candy bars and I really love those.

    Nunchucks (you have to see this link in order to understand why this is even up here:

    Nidifugous (look it up) because I'm hoping this will really happen someday.

    Naughty Authors in my congregation (those who giggle and laugh so hard it shakes the pew... that's always fun to see from up front! Oh, and I like their naughty husbands who make them laugh... "Got Milk?" – all you others will have to ask Erica what that means! Hilarious stories abound.)

  5. I love noodles! I also love naps! You've inspired me to take one later today :)

  6. Oh my goodness, it is getting fun, fun, fun! here on Fridays!

    Like: Netherlands. The name. The windmills. The people (can't really speak to this exactly, but I did have a friend in college from the Neth.)

    Dislike: Nosehairs. Just not my thing.


    ~ Wendy

  7. NOT A FAN OF NOODLES?!?!?! I think I can't breathe. It can't be!

    I like nuts too.

    I never like Nellie Olson.

  8. I love noodles, pretty much any kind. Oh and I second what Julie said. Naps. One of those sounds good because I had a bad dream last night and couldn't sleep.

    So I definitely DON'T like nightmares :(

  9. I love nuts, but not the kind you eat. I love the kind who are nutty and crazy and fun to be with, just like you, my friend!

    And nieces and nephews are good too.

  10. OOh I don't like noodles either! I LOVE nuts, my niece, nephews, Nutella, and super nice people like you!

  11. Jessica, my brother's name is Nathan. And nuts with chocolate...mmmmm....!

    Katie...Newlyweds :)

    CJ, I didn't think I was fussy, but I guess I am! I just like what I like!

  12. Kevin, I looked that up, and I think you might be sad when that day actually comes.

    Julie...nap! I should've taken one today!

    Wendy! Nosehairs??? ROFL!

    Georgiana, I'm watching season 4 of LHOTP right now. Nellie Olsen...ICK!

  13. Cindy! I hope you sleep well tonight. I'm not a fan of nightmares either, though I have them from time to time.

    Linda :D You're so sweet!

    T.Anne! Yay on the anti-noodle front!

  14. I am loving NaNo and getting in some word count. I also love....
    November (cool weather)

    I don't like:

  15. Nephews, Normalcy, Nature, Noon (lunch time) and Night Sky. Wow, thos were harder to come up with than I thought, and they are all likes.

    I read back on the other response after mine. Wish I would have thought about Naps. That may have been #1. And just want to agree that noodles (lasagna ones especially in lasagna :))

  16. Yup, like noodles. Almost every kind there is. It seems you're pretty much outnumbered by those who do.

    So, I'm liking noodles, and nachos (with cheese dip!), and the nighttime sky... black and velvety with tiny diamond stars. Also our church's narthex, where friends and newcomers mix and mingle after church. And the nativity scenes at Christmas.

    Don't like my KNEES right now. Darned arthritis!