Monday, November 29, 2010


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Life bulldozed me this last week or so. My lofty word-count goals fell to the holiday, my day job, and enjoying time with family.

Preliminary inventory is done at the shop. This is always a huge job. We'll do it once more before the end of the year. This year, though it wasn't as brutally cold as it has been in the past, I seemed to feel the cold more. I had to make cannibal soup (a hot bath) when I got home to warm up.

The girl has been delivered back to school to finish out the first semester, and the boy and I are working on his standardized tests and running to Bball practices.

In between, I must get 22K words written and a novel edited. I had hoped to finish the first draft by 11/30, but that's not going to happen. The new goal is to have it finished by 12/10.
Holiday season goals are tricky. My agent, Rachelle Gardner, had a post about making a holiday plan that is realistic for the circumstances. You can read that post using the link below.

In other news, Maggie and the Maverick is the feature title at the Heartsong Connection Blog this week. Stop on by and leave a comment to be entered in a drawing to win the book.

Also, if you're looking for Christmas gift ideas, stop by Christian Review of Books and check out their on-line booksigning event. 75 authors and hundreds of books. Get autographed books delivered right to your door for Christmas. The event runs through December 7th.

So, what's your holiday plan?


  1. Things are slow going for me too. I need somebody to light a fire underneath my butt!!

    I shall go make a holiday plan right now. :)

  2. Writing and holidays are not a good mix. I didn't make NaNo this year because of it! ;)

  3. That was a good post about realistic expectations this time of year. It helped me set some goals. But somehow I screwed things up in my head and ramped up into high gear.

    I'm waiting for a doctor to call to tell me what's wrong with me. ;)

    ~ Wendy

  4. Plans? Treading water as usual.

  5. we're supposed to have a PLAN. I was wondering what was wrong with me =P

  6. I NEED a holiday plan. But sadly, I'm tempted to put off making the plan just so I don't have to start sticking to it. That is so unlike me, so nevermind that I said that :) I hope you had a great time with your daughter over the holiday and I will TRY to work on my plan!

  7. Too many years of scrambling to create my own version of a perfect holiday have morphed into a simpler one, and that's become my "perfect". I plan to spread the entertaining through the year instead of cramming it into a couple whirlwind weeks. Then I'll have time to enjoy the special church events and my family, and still have "me" time for writing. That's usually first thing in the morning and again last thing at night when the house is quiet.

  8. Thanks for the links. I'm off to check out Christian Reviews right now!
    I like to think of goals as guidelines and make life as my focus. Feels better!

  9. I gave all your bookmarks away to my homeschool group (mom's only ;) I have a new novel planned out and cannot wait to start in on it! I'm going to lower my expectations next month significantly.

  10. I must be weird - the holidays slow for me and I've been much more productive. LOL - helps to be a Grinch ;) j/k about everything!! YIKES - I actually FORGOT Christmas was in 27 days!

  11. You can't feel bad about not meeting your goal, because you've worked so hard for a long, long time. You still made really great progress!

    And my progress disappeared when my laptop crashed. I'm slowly getting it all back.

  12. Linda4:28 PM

    A plan? That kind of sounds like a good idea. I'll put it on my list...

    Actually, even though I live by my lists, Christmas just kind of happens and I don't plan too much of it out.

    Now I will have to spend some time wondering why that is. Thanks, Erica!

  13. Not much of a plan. It makes me a little scared to plan, kind of like I'm being strangled...LOL But, I do try to keep my priorities straight. :-)

    I hope your word count moves awesomely for you this week!