Friday, October 15, 2010

The Friday Five

The Friday Five is brought to you by the letter K.

Four things I like that start with the letter K and one thing I don't.

1. Knowledge. I like knowing stuff, learning stuff, finding stuff out.

2. Kittens. My kitty in particular, but any kitten. I love how their tails stick up like little pokers, and I love how when they run, their back legs and their front legs get out of kilter and they hop all disjointed.

3. Kansas. Born and raised. Love that place.

4. Kidlets. My kidlets.

And one thing I don't like that starts with K.

5. Kickball. I loathed this game in school. I stank at it, and we had to play it almost all the time at recess and PE class.

How about you? Likes, dislikes that start with K?


  1. You don't like kickball?? How can you not like kickball? My family (which is HUGE) has extremely competitive kickball games. You would not like it at all. :)

  2. Hahaaa, I LOVED kickball!

    Don't know much about Kansas though. Something I don't like...hmmmm...killers? LOL

    Have a good weekend!

  3. I hated kickball too! I'm the bookworm, not the athlete!

    I love Mr. Ketchersid, my husband. And then all my little "K"s. :)

  4. Erica,

    First I want to say a huge Congratulations for all of your cool book news. I've been paying attention and I'm proud of you!!!

    I used to hide my eyes during Butts Up b/c I felt bad for the person at the wall. Such a softie then. Still am.

    Katie's comment cracked me up.

    Let's see,

    Like: Kangaroos. What a fun imagination God had with that one, especially where the little Joey's stay!

    Dislike: Kelp. Or seaweed, when it tangles around your feet in the water and you swear you are about to be taken down by the Loch Ness Monster. Oh, that's just me.

    Have a great weekend. May God continue to bless your journey!!!
    ~ Wendy

  5. I like stories about knights. Don't like Käse (German for cheese)

  6. Phew, I escaped the #5 slot this week!

    And kickball? I ruled at kickball. It was actually the size ball I could crush at will and place where I wanted. Now, if I could only get that down in golf!

  7. I like your K's! I haven't played kickball in forever. It sounds painful.

    Let's see...Kindness. I like that. My oldest daughter, she's a "K" :)
    Kites--yellow ones.
    King Crab--yum!

    Dislikes? Oh...K is hard. I can't think of anything. All the things that keep popping in my mind are little fluffy animals, like kittens and koalas. And who doesn't like those? I'll come back if I think of something :)

  8. I adore a rousing game of kickball! Not so crazy about the song Kumbaya, although that might be spelled with a C. Really not sure!

    The name Kaitlin - spelled with the "i" and not a "y".
    Our Kayak - even though I can't get into it anymore, I love sitting on the shore and watching my DH in it and waiting for him to return and tell me about his shoreline discoveries.
    Kisses - my DH's of course, but also the butterfly kisses of a baby grandchild.
    Kaleidoscopes - love the changing colours and shapes, always beautifully symmetrical.
    Keyboards - piano music is my favourite.

    Knives - only the sharp ones after DH has sharpened them and forgotten to tell me he did! :( Ouch.

  10. Kids, Kit-kats, kites, kittens, I can't think of anything else! Ack! What will we do for Q????

  11. I can't believe no one wrote ketchup.

  12. And key lime pie