Wednesday, September 08, 2010


This last Sunday at our little church was different from most others. As it was a holiday weekend, a lot of our regulars were traveling and our numbers were down. Instead of spreading out throughout the sanctuary, everyone moved to the center section. There were about 40 of us altogether.

Several funny things happened during the service, including Pastor Kevin breaking his communion cracker and the whole thing shattering into dusty bits.

Another things that happened was that after the service, one of the women who sings in the worship team said she looked out at us all bunched together and noticed that my son, James, was taller than everyone else there. His head stuck up a few inches beyond the next tallest man. Which made me laugh and think of that game Whack-a-Mole. (James has grown almost 10 inches in this last year.)

The woman who sat behind us told my husband after church that, "We stood up to sing, and I noticed that James was really tall. Then we sat down, and when we stood to sing again, he got up and it seemed like he was even TALLER!"

That's kind of how I feel from one day to the next with that boy. He's eating everything not nailed down, too.

Are your kids sprouting up?

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  1. Oh yes. My youngest has grown about 7 inches this last year. He's a freshman and about 6'2"...short compared to his brothers at the same age. :)

  2. It's crazy and I know it's time to set more "boundaries" w/ it, but sometimes I think I'm getting snacks 20 times in the day.

    ~ Wendy

  3. My girls and I reached our full adult when we turned 7 yrs old. We are very tall for Hobbits, though.

  4. Oh, my! Erica, can you elaborate? My son is 11yo and *in one single week* he went from wearing boys size 16 to men's size 30-inch-waist! He already wears a size 9 in men's shoes. He is creeping up in height slowly, but I foresee a huge growth spurt in the future. How old is your son and how tall is he?

  5. Sherrinda, you must feel like you're walking in a forest when you're surrounded by your boys!

    Wendy, I told James he could eat a peanut butter sandwich whenever he got hungry...then I found I kept running out of bread!

    CJ! LOL You are very...wee. :)

    Mary, James is 14, and he's went from 5'3" to 6' 1/2" in the last year. Your boy sounds like he's doing the same!

  6. Oh my! What I have to look forward to. My son is twelve (he'll be thirteen next month eek!) and he's already 5'3". He's so proud that he's as tall as I am! :-) And it is just so wierd to be able to buy pants without him by seeing if they're the right length on me! At least he has some work to do to catch up with his dad. He's 5'11". But after looking at your post, Erica, I have to wonder just how tough that will be for him!

  7. My oldest is only six yet I still look at him and am amazed by his little boy body. Not a chubby baby anymore. *sniffle*

  8. My mother-in-law took my two-year-old son shoe shopping and came back with size 7 wide. I still think he should be wearing those soft little baby shoes.

  9. Julie, oh man, they grow up so fast! James is in a size 13 now...aka "He Who Walks On Canoes."