Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Life's a Zoo!

This last weekend we visited the Como Zoo. I was reminded again of the pure joy expressed by little children upon getting their first view of of a tiger or a polar bear or a gorilla.

There was a little guy who almost turned inside out when he caught sight of the tiger pacing in the grass just below the window where the little guy strained against the straps of his stroller. "TIGER! TIGER! TIGER!"

Another pressed his face to the glass and made monkey noises to the primates hanging from the ropes.

A favorite of mine were the organutans. There was a big male with huge cheek pads and a long orange rug-like cape of fur, two females who looked dainty compared to the male though they could each probably rip off your arm and beat you up with it, and an absolutely adorably precocious male baby who was everywhere in the enclosure. He tried everything, touched everything, tackled every adult orangutan in sight, tasted his share of rocks, leaves, ropes, posts, and grass, and through it all wore an insouciant smile and a swaggered around with more charm than should be legal.
Baby tasting a rock.
Baby smiling as he headed up the jungle gym of posts and ropes.

How cute is that baby???

So,  have you been to the zoo in the last year? If so, which one(s)?


  1. The last zoo I visited was the MN Zoo when I was in MN 4 years ago. I liked the air-conditioned tram,as it was wicked hot the day we went.

  2. This will come as no surprise that organutans (check out that spelling) are some of my favorites too. One time my husband was like...alright already, let's keep moving, but they captivated my attention.

    Love that picture too. I think I need to post it over my computer.
    ~ Wendy

  3. The kids and I went to the Columbus Zoo (Ohio) this past summer. The new polar bear exhibit opened this past spring and it was great seeing polar bears at the Zoo again! (they haven't had them at the Zoo since I was a very little girl)

  4. We took Nick to the Omaha zoo last weekend. It was his first visit to a zoo, and he was so excited. He would just run from exhibit to exhibit and light up when he saw the animals. It was really special. We saw a 2mo old tiger cub getting a bath from his mom. Nick is still talking about that!

  5. Aww, I love the orangutan's too! Thy look and act like so many people I'm related too. ;) That's almost a joke. * When I'm at places like that I'm always on high alert for novel fodder.

  6. We were at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo in July. Love that zoo! They had a new bear exhibit, and we got to watch two grizzlies wrestling in a pool. They were going at it for quite a while. Pretty cool!

  7. Yes! The Toledo Zoo has the only baby polar bear in the country, and let me tell you, he is cute! I love the zoo. I'm like a little kid there!

  8. I went to the Jacksonville zoo in May, I think? I love, love baby animals. Soooo cute. ;-)

  9. I haven't been to a zoo in years... not since we lived in Calgary (Alberta, Canada) and visited the Calgary Zoo. But a month ago one of our granddaughters was visiting us on her sixth birthday and her choice of activity was to visit the Vancouver Aquarium. She was enthralled by everything, especially the dolphins.

    I have mixed feelings about keeping wildlife in captivity, but the experience of seeing them up close has such an impact on one's attitude about habitat, conservation and protection, etc., that I can appreciate the educational value. It helps, too, when I remember that the various exhibits have never known anything but their controlled lifestyle so aren't longing to be elsewhere.