Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Goals and Plans

Okay, so I've got a bunch of words to write. And I always do better with clearly defined goals.

October is NovelTrack month. If you haven't heard of this, it's an ACFW sponsored event where the goal is to help writers make great strides toward finishing a manuscript. You set your goal for the month, then you report in how you're doing, and you log your words written on the ACFW website where they accumulate with other writers' logged words. July was the first month for NovelTrack and ACFW writers logged more than ONE MILLION written words in 31 days!

My goal for October and NovelTrack is 50,000 words. This will see one project finished and another one started.

Then comes November. NaNo Time! National Novel Writing Month. The goal is another 50,000 words. This should see the second project completed. A couple of weeks in December to edit, then shoot it off to the crit partners. :)

So, what are your goals for this fall? What do you want to get finished by the end of the year?


  1. Get a nice chunk of the next novel written. I love that you ask these questions. Makes me write it down somewhere other than my own notebooks.

    Accountability. Nice. ;)
    ~ Wendy

  2. Starting the Weigh-In again. By the end of the month I hope to have dropped 5.

  3. I'm going to 1k1hr with you girl! Except I'm actually going to pull this novel down the slow track. That being, it's really important for me to write killer sentences, so I might only be able to do 1k the entire day. Boo! But, hopefully this new WIP will be spectacular! I think I'm officially starting pen to page on Friday. I'm still plotting, ack!

  4. What I MEANT to say *blushes* is that it takes me way longer than the average bear to write a killer sentence. *tries taking foot out of mouth* I heart you Erica, but you already know that. =)

  5. I need to get rid of all the headhopping in my manuscript. Wah! I kind of like headhopping, you know. :-)

    Hope you get a ton done!

  6. I worked consistently on my current wip during September, meeting BIC (butt in chair) goals in partnership with Shari Green. October has a lot of interruptions on the calendar, including a conference, so I'm leaving the month goal free. It'll be a one-step-one-day-at-a-time month. But November? NaNo's 50,000 words are beckoning. I haven't quite signed up yet, but I'm weakening.

  7. I'm going to start plotting my next novel and go from there. I'd love to do NaNo again but I'm not sure that's going to happen :)

  8. I'm new to ACFW but am doing Novel Track with a goal of 50K - that should finish the first draft of my current WIP. After that, I plan to sail right into NaNo with another 50K [+? I've won for 3 years straight - one with 50K [even spending 12 days in the hospital with an infant], one 100+K, and 63Kish last year] with something completely different before going back to edits in December :p.

    Also hopping back on the weight loss wagon - goal is to run a 5K this year but that's not gonna happen sitting on my rear...

  9. We're like twins! I just posted about my goals too, and oddly enough they are quite similar to yours. Only I'm shooting for 51k =P

  10. Wendy, are you going to do NovelTrack??

    CJ, me too! 5 by Halloween! We can do it!

    T. Anne, 1K1Day works too! It's all words to the good. And no worries. I <3 ya back!

  11. Jessica, I wish we could headhop too. Especially in romance!

    Carol, Go for it! NaNo is great, especially if you can get involved with the local group. I'm so competitive when it comes to wordcounts, that I love the challenges and word wars we throw each other.

    Cindy, you can 'shadow' NaNo, even if you don't sign up officially. I know lots of authors who do that, and it works well for them. :)

  12. CarolM, welcome to the ACFW! And welcome to NovelTrack, too! I look forward to cheering your success!

    Georgiana....51????? You're so bad! LOL