Friday, September 10, 2010

The Friday Five

Today's Friday Five is brought to you by the letter G.

Four things I like that start with the letter G.

1. Giraffes. Mostly because my daughter REALLY likes them, and when I see one, or anything with a giraffe print, I think of her. And I Like thinking of her. :)

2. Gum. I love to chew gum. Imagine my relief when the orthodontist told me I could chew sugarless gum even with my braces.

3. Grapes. Green Grapes. Green Seedless Grapes.

4. Grass. Soft, green grass that feels cool on bare feet.

One thing I don't like that starts with G.

5. Grasshoppers. UGH. Nasty armored buzzing hoppers.


  1. My little guy loves giraffes, but he has been calling them zebras :)

  2. I like this man with the last name Ganshert. He's my honey.

  3. I look forward to your Fri. posts!

    G like: Giggling

    G dislike: Gobstoppers

    See you soon!
    ~ Wendy

  4. Gum drops are fun. Gouda is nasty.

  5. I know this is going to sound weird, but I used to have a fear of giraffes. Kind of a phobia, actually. Just one big neck walking around---it creeped me out! I'm over it now and can be found feeding the giraffes whenever I go to the zoo.

    Which brings me to my newest phobia, brought on by my last trip to the zoo---Gorillas. I am absolutely terrified. We had a frightening encounter and found out later that the gorilla had escaped from his enclosure and attacked someone!

    Something I love that starts with a G: grandparents!

  6. Grace - my daughter
    God - Abba, Daddy
    God's grace
    Glinda - who didn't want to wear her dress in the Wizard of Oz?

    See you next week!

  7. OK left one thing off your list.



  8. Julie, Giraffes, zebras...spots, stripes, he'll get it sorted out. :)

    Good one, Katie!

    Wendy, love giggling, and I too hate gobstoppers...probably because after about three minutes, I want to spit it out!

  9. CJ, we gotta help you with your cheese aversion!

    Mary, I'd be freaked out by Gorillas too!

    Jennifer, Grace is such a beautiful thing, and name! And I never thought of Glinda! was so obvious, I didn't write it down...HEEEEE!

  10. No G's, but darn you for Thursdays recipe!!!!! I am so WEAK and it beckons me to make it. *sigh*

  11. Linda5:15 PM

    I'm sorry but the letter G makes me think of the song - Great Green Gobs of ... you know the one.

    Like God's grace, giggling grandmas and green grass.

  12. Giraffes--aren't they cute? There is a baby giraffe at our zoo and he'd the most adorable little guy. Love it.

    Hmm..what do I love with G? Granola bars, Grandmas, Grandpas, Google, and God. :)

    Dislike? Go-go boots and gorillas.

    Have a great weekend!