Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tangible Progress

Last Friday, I finished the first draft of my WIP, formerly titled Light to my Path, but I'm thinking the title of Give and Take fits the story better. I had something in mind when I started this novel, but the story changed into something new.

I love it when that happens, because it means the story has come alive for me, that it grew beyond the synopsis/outline into something vital. The characters had a story to tell.

I know I will have quite a bit of work to do on rewrites, clarifying this vision, but I'm looking forward to it. (Remind me I said that when I'm deep in edits and wondering if ANY of it can be salvaged.)

At the moment, I'm letting this story rest while I work on a proposal for another project that I'm really excited about.

Conference fever is hotting up. Only about 5.5 weeks.

Before that we have to get the eldest to college and I have a book signing coming up. Throw in a few baby showers, meals to new mommies, starting school with the boy, and things are busy!!!!

How about you? What are you working on, letting lie fallow, looking forward to, or otherwise keeping yourself busy with?


  1. Praying about the direction of one work. Editing another and plotting another. How's that for crazy. Getting so excited for 5.5 weeks.
    ~ Wendy

  2. In the middle of porch reconstruction after the hail/heavy rain damage. Young One starts college in 2 wks. The Eldest will finish her last year of college, starting in 3wks. Composting some work, but waiting until everyone is out of the house. Can't seem to work with them milling around.

  3. "Hotting up," huh? Are we gonna see that in one of your books?

    Very cool post.
    I am needing to work like mad on three different stories and prepare for being an assistant to Julie Lessman at a fiction writing conference. With her skills, though, I can just be the paper-passer-outter!

  4. *Happy dance for finished WIP!!!* I'm ready to dive into edits. I left everything on simmer for a week and have come back to stir the pot. So far so good. *keeps fingers crossed*

  5. You are one busy lady! Congrats on finishing your first draft. LOVE that feeling. I'm hoping to finish mine by December 11th.

  6. Well, thanks to your help on my one sheets, I am busy doing subs for my first novel. :D

    Working on some short stories and then it's final edits for novel#2. In the final edits of novel#1, the plot changed quite a bit.

    Right now, I'm enjoying writing something new and short. lol

  7. Wendy, I that's a lot to juggle! Can you believe how quickly the time is flying?

    CJ, it is hard to get anything done with other people around. I find it easiest to decamp and go somewhere else to work. :)

    Patti! Assistant to Julie Lessman? That woman is a bundle of energy! How very cool.

  8. T. Anne, Yay and Congrats on finishing your WIP! We can commisserate while doing edits. :)

    Steph, can't wait to read this one! I loaned my copy of So Over It to the youth group girls, and I should get it back soon. They read them like wildfire.

    M Pax, I am SO glad the one-sheets helped you out. Yay for getting requests! So very exciting!