Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rivers and Oceans

 This past weekend, my daughter said something that really struck me. Not an isolated incidence, since she's a pretty deep thinker. :)

We were lying on our stomachs on her bed looking out the window at the rain. A gully washer. A toad-strangler. Raining stair rods and pitchforks rain.

Our ditch was full and the water rushed to the culvert. The girl turned to me and said, "Rivers flow into the ocean, but the ocean is never full."

I had to stop and think about that for awhile. An obvious truth, but one I hadn't really considered before. I love it when this happens. I grab onto a new thought and turn it over in my mind like a kid with a Rubik's cube. Twist, twist, turn, turn, examine from lots of angles.

One of those twists and turns brought me to the conclusion that the river/ocean idea is so very like our relationship with God. God's mercy flows towards us, but we are never over our need for God's mercy. God's forgiveness flows towards us, into us, but we always need more forgiveness. God's love, tenderness, care, sustaining power, all of it. GOD pours Himself into us, but we are never without the need for more.

Another comforting thought is that those rivers of God's blessing and mercy never dry up, never run out, never become exhausted. They always run toward us, always replenish, wash, renew us. Always faithful, always available.

Pretty cool!

So, have your kids said anything lately that made you think?


  1. Love it! So, is Heather going to be a writer someday? Deep thinking and writing go very well together.

    You should totally grab that analogy and use it for one of your stories! A theme or a symbol perhaps?

    Brogan is a deep-thinker too. I mean, get this. Last night, he's laying in bed with us. Ryan and I are trying to get him to cuddle before bed. All the lights are off. He's moving around. Then he stops and he goes, "Daddy?" in that cute todler voice of his. And Ryan says, "Yes?" And he says, "Choo choo." That boys like a deep well.

  2. I showed The Young One a picture of me and my first car. "I drove a Mustang. I was cool." To which she replied, "The word is 'was'"

  3. thanks!
    Needed that one today. :)

    As I was driving my 5yr old to the doctor, we were coming up to a bridge that crosses the Suwannee River. I said, "Look, Caleb! The big blue bridge is coming up!"
    He looked out the winshield around the passenger side seat and said, "Mommy, the bridge isn't coming to us, we're coming to it."

    I felt about an inch tall.
    "You're right." was all I could get out between the giggles.

  4. What a beautiful thought! I can't wait to have these kinds of conversations with McKenna.

    Here was our recent one:

    McK: Mom, Jesus is alive.
    Me: Yes, that's true.
    McK: Someday, Jesus will pick me up.
    Me (tearfully): That's true too.
    McK: He'll take me to see Zacchaeus.
    Me: Yeah, you could probably do that.
    McK: And he'll play baseball with me and Zack.

    (She means Greinke. He's her favorite player and future husband, now that she's decided she should marry a boy who isn't a family member.)

  5. Powerful message. And I think it's really cool you and your daughter took some time to just sit and watch the rain.

  6. Well, my son was 4 1/2 on 9/11 and we explained what was going on by telling him there was a fire and the firefighters came to put it out but some buildings had fallen down. He was OK with that. We were on our way to church a few days later and we were passing some office buildings (they were only about 7 stories high but they were about the tallest buildings he had ever seen) and he said "Oh! They put the buildings that fell down back up!" Very sweet and innocent! Even now at 12, he's still a pretty sweet dude!