Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Introducing Elliot

I'd like to introduce you to Elliot, my new laptop. Elliot is an HP Pavilion laptop.

An HP.

I know. I have had a Dell computer for such a long time. My previous laptop (now headed to Northwestern College to get a degree in Early Childhood Education) was a Dell, and I LOVED it.

I always have mixed feelings when I get a new computer. It takes me about a week to get accustomed to the new keyboard, the new operating system, and especially to get all 'my stuff' loaded on.

Paranoid creature that I am, I backed up the old laptop files to an external hard drive, my jump drive, and I emailed copies of my novels and WIP's to myself just in case something happened while moving files.

One thing I love about this laptop is the fingerprint identification. Instead of typing in lots of user names and passwords, I can just slide my finger across the reader and Bing! I'm logged in. How very cool.

Makes me think of the 6 Million Dollar Man and the IBM commercial Steve Austin/Lee Majors did a few years ago when this technology first became available.

Nanananananananana...Did you watch the 6MDM? I was a little young to watch it, but I did enjoy the Bionic Woman a few years later.


  1. All right, my high-tech friend. Let's see the pics of the new cell phone next!

    Also, does your new HP have a start up sound? I think it should be E.T. saying, "El - i - ot"

  2. Glad you like your new friend!
    Praise God!


  3. So cool. I wish my mac had this.

  4. Of course, I watched Lee Majors in SMDM. If you want to see the IBM commercial he did a few years ago, you can watch it on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cCAB8x_FwQ

  5. Btw, cool computer! I have owned 3 HP Pavilion desk tops. Great machines. Bought the Young One an HP laptop, model down from yours. It was red!

  6. I did watch the 6MDM, and the bionic woman and the bionic dog.

    Cool PC. I named my netbook Tiberius.

    The beast on my desk is an HP PC. No complaints [other than Vista, which I replaced with XP]. I have 7 on the new netbook, which is fine. Better than Vista.