Friday, August 20, 2010

The Friday Five

D is for D-Day, the day we take our daughter to college.

4 Things I like that start with D, and 1 thing I don't like. :)

1. Dear Daughter. Love that kid, so excited for her to go to college, for all the opportunities and friendships and things to learn.

2. Ducks. My nickname in my family is Ducky, and I've always liked Ducks.

3. Donuts. Bavarian creme filled chocolate coated Bismarks.

4. The Duke. Love John Wayne movies. We have a zillion of them, but Rio Bravo and El Dorado are the ones I watch the most. Then there's The Quiet Man, Hatari, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, McClintock, Big Jake...and on and on and on....

5. Dilated Pupils. I went to the eye doctor last week and had my eyes dilated. I HATE that. Good thing the daughter can drive, because I was squinting something terrible. One odd thing, with my puils dilated, my eyes were brown. I have green/brown eyes, green in the middle and brown around the outside. With my pupils dilated, you couldn't see any of the green at all. Was like looking at a stranger...with really big pupils.

What do you like and not like that starts with D?

Don't forget, if you're in the Rochester area, to stop by Christian Book and Gift tomorrow where I'll be signing books from 12-2. I'd love to see you there!


  1. Mmmm, donuts especially Bavarian Creme (if it has chocolate frosting on it, that's Boston Creme. Mmm for that one too)

    Not too thrilled with dental visits.

  2. I always tease my husband when he has to wear those funny glasses after they dilate his pupils. Not nice, I know.

    D - Diaries. I loved the ones with a lock as a kid. Grown-ups might still enjoy those locks too.

    don't like

    Dairy. I love it, but my body decided a couple of years ago to reject it. Sour body!
    ~ Wendy

  3. downhere - One of my favorite Christian music groups.
    Donuts - However,unlike others here I do not like cream filled - I prefer jelly instead.
    Dogs - I have a cat now but I had dogs as a child. I miss having one.
    Doug - my husband!

  4. Mmmm, donuts!!!! Dogs, dancing, dairy, dark chocolate. yum! Hey, wait a minute! How come I always leave here hungry???

  5. Love this Friday feature. It shows your creativity, Erica!!

    Ds, huh?

    Dasher, dancing, droning bees

    D bad boys.
    dullards, drunkards, drudgery


  6. Oh, daughter is off to college? Wonderful! But a little sad, too. I'm with you on number three. I love bavarian cream-filled donuts with chocolate frosting. I want one now! Have fun tomorrow!

  7. Daisies
    Donuts, make mine a maple bar please
    Dairy, milk, ice cream, cheeeeese
    Druthers, I just like the word

    Bad D - dentists

  8. And PS - See you tomorrow!!

  9. Ummm...Erica, I'm going to pinch you at the conference for making me salivate at my teacher's desk. I am now offically CRAVING a Bavarian doughnut...with white frosting and sprinkles!!!

    Hope the day goes well and there aren't TOO many tears and yay for the book signing!!

    D-word's I like. Well...not sure. But I just told one of my students not to dilly-dally, and that's sorta a fun word

  10. Four "D"'s I like and one I don't

    (My) daughter. Our doctor observed that we are a love story. I'm so blessed.
    Dance. I've been belly dancing about six years now. Allows me to express music through movement.
    Dill pickles, crunchy, salty yum!
    Drama, theater, especially musical theater and opera.
    And I dislike Drama-- the bad kind of pot stirring that divides families, friends and groups.