Friday, August 13, 2010

The Friday Five (This title's for you, Kevin)

Four things I like and one thing I Don't that start with the letter C!

1. C is for COOKIE!!!! Chocolate Chip.

2. Chocolate. Nuff Said.

3. Cat - my cat, my fluffy, noisy, loving, goofy, shedding menace of a cat.

4. Caribou Coffee - Where I do a lot of my writing these days. I love the smell, the atmosphere, the baristas, the Black Thai Tea Latte....

5. Cancer - horrible, invidious, heartless, cruel disease.

Today I'm at the eye-doctor...probably need a new prescription, and I haven't decided if I will get new frames or not. I loathe change....Hey, there's one too...I don't like Change!


  1. Once again, I see, the early bird gets the worm.

    How appropriate, since I will now become world famous and my potential for world domination will grow by leaps and bounds since I made it into the title of a blog post!! Squee! and WooHoo!

  2. Your latte choice sounds awesome. Cookie monster is my favorite character from the Street (we play that game a lot--favorite...).

    C - I love characters. In life. In books.

    C - I'll second yours. Cancer.

    ~ Wendy

  3. Hey! I don't see my name in your list of likes.

  4. COOKIES! *warm fresh baked* Candles, Coffee, Candy, Cake. Hey, that was too easy!

  5. Cuddles (children spouse or both)
    Cheesecake (Original Strawberry from the Cheesecake Factory w/o whipped cream)
    Caffe Mocha

    Hi Erica! I'm Jen Cvelbar and a soon to be Heartsong author. I'll be at the ACFW Conference and I hope we can meet up. I'm really enjoying your series on the Kennebrae brothers!

  6. Linda3:55 PM

    C is for Cookie is what I was thinking, warm, yummy chocolate chip cookies!

    Bad C - cancer for sure and I would add coconut.

  7. C is for cookie, that's good enough for me! C is for cookie, that's good enough for me.

    Can you imagine me singing that like Cookie Monster? Can you tell I have a toddler at home?

    C - CONTRACT. I'd love me one of those!

  8. I had to get a new prescription a while back that also required new frames. The only ones that would work were way too conspicuous for my liking (bold & black), but DH and a friend liked them. I had to trust their opinion, although I'm *still* not used to them. If you decide to make the change, take along a friend. It's impossible to be unbiased when someone different is looking back at you from the mirror. Good luck!

    Christ and the Christian community
    Children... they're precious!
    Colour... all of nature's shades plus the subtle ones I can create on a canvass
    Cariboo Country... area in BC where our cabin is

    And one I don't like: Confrontation... I avoid it at all costs!

  9. Jennifer! Welcome to the Heartsong family! How super! I've had nothing but wonderful experiences working with all the people at Barbour Heartsong.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying the Kennebrae brothers. :)

  10. Don't forget the Cubbies! :)