Monday, August 30, 2010

An Envelope of Happy

This last week, I received my second batch of reader response sheets from the backs of my Heartsong books, as well as some letters and cards sent to author relations at Barbour.

What encouraging remarks! The comments about how the readers were touched by my stories, how they enjoyed them, how they were eager for the next in the series, lifted me up and made me eager to write some more.

Equally happy, the only things that were mentioned about things I could improve were that one woman thought my stories had TOO MUCH tension, and a couple folks pointed out that I didn't resolve who the "Boss" was in Clara and the Cowboy. They will soon find out that the "Boss" isn't revealed in Lily and the Lawman either. Nope, they'll have to wait until Maggie and the Maverick.

Yesterday a woman gave me a gift to cherish. She said it was 'precious to know someone who writes novels.'

Picture me Grinning Real Big! That made my day! Thank you, Karen!

Have you ever written a note to an author?


  1. Oh, Erica!! What a wonderful blessing to get all of those positive reviews! I'm sure it must be a total boost to you as you struggle to juggle all of your responsibilities--to know that you're touching lives!

  2. I have and I want to do this again. I read a great memoir and I really wanted to write the author. I'm always afraid I wont hear a response and wonder if they ever get it in the first place. You're living proof they do! And I'm glad you receive such wonderful fan mail!

  3. I'm smiling for you! How incredible!! And yes, I do write to authors who I enjoy--usually throught their Contact Me section in their websites.

  4. Does chatting with one nearly every day on IM count?

  5. Anytime I read a story that really resonates with me, I email the author and let them know.

    Congrats Erica!! What great feedback!

  6. Jody, it was a boost. And things are starting to settle down here into a routine...just in time to go through the upheaval of heading out of town. :)

    T.Anne, write to that author! It is such a rainbow across the day to hear from a reader!

    Hey, Jill, how's the embracing the inner child going today?

    CJ...yes. :)

    Katie, I'm working on BKOB tonight! :)

  7. That is so great! It is difficult for me to imagine people out there reading my book. It's exciting!

  8. Okay, wow.
    I've never actually filled one of those out...
    I will now!