Wednesday, August 25, 2010

College Days

My daughter is officially a Northwestern Eagle now. Today marks her first day of classes.

I have to say, I love emails and instant messenger and cell phones even more now. We've exchanged several emails, talked on IM a couple times, and had a nice, long phone call.

When I went to college, back in the dark ages, we had this thing called paper, and we used a pen or pencil to write down words, stuck them in an envelope, licked a stamp, and sent it home to let the parents know how we're doing. And once a week or so, a quick phone call home to check in.

Why is it that we only realize what we put our own parents through when we become parents ourselves? Every step of the way on this parenting journey, I've learned first-hand what my parents went through raising and launching us.


  1. I've apologized to my mom countless time. I feel really badly about when I'd ride with her in the elevator in Germany and I'd pretend to know the language. ;)

    My mom gave me a letter I'd written while I was in college the other day. I can't believe how much I told them--front & back. It was a fun read.
    ~ Wendy

  2. Sometimes I read back over my comments and see errors. I'm doing that now...on the left...

    countless times.

    Okay, now I feel better. ;)

  3. And your folks are laughing at each step of your journey (-;

  4. Oh, we sort of had the same topic today. You can read my observations here:

  5. I think letter-writing is a dying art, but I still like technology!

    I remember my freshman year of college (20 years ago). No cellphones and no computers. And long-distance calls were expensive. My roommate was very wealthy and she would call her parents several times a day. I tried that with my parents and they told me not to call!

    But all these years later I have a hope chest full of letters from my mother that she wrote to me while I was in college. My roommate never got mail!

  6. I agree I'm a much better parent and daughter because of what I put my parents through, lol! Congrats on the "eagle'! When she comes home now you can say, the eagle has landed. ;)

  7. I got my first cell phone when I left home for college. It was huge - just a little better than a bag phone. I only used it for safety when I was driving home. I thought I was big stuff :)

  8. I'm ever so grateful my daughter has not become a mini-me in my college days. Whew!

    Can you believe your baby girl is already at school? Wow. Now....I'm pretty sure you need to get text messaging....

  9. Oh wow, did you really lick a stamp? lol. J/k.

    I've apologized to my mother as well, Wendy.

    I kept in touch with my mom on our cell phone at college.