Monday, August 23, 2010

Book Signing!

This weekend was a big one for our family. Highlights included taking our daughter to college and a book signing at my local Christian bookstore. Pictured above are some of the wonderful folks who came to the book signing.

Some stories from the signing:

The woman I blogged about Here stopped by. She made me cry with her kind words about how my stories had touched her life. She said each of her children were reading them as well. So very uplifting and encouraging!

Also, pictured above are a friend from a writing group I used to belong to, and a mother and daughter who were just wonderful too. The mom had bought my books in the bookstore earlier in the week. The bookstore staff had told her about the book signing, and she and her daughter returned to get the books signed. And she'd read them all! Extra precious was that she asked me to sign them to both her and her daughter. The little one got bookmarks for all the books and was just too adorable for words.

My church lent their support, showing up in great numbers, encouraging and buying books for themselves and to give away as gifts. One friend even brought a red rose for me. It's in a vase high up where my insane cat can't get to it.

Mary Connealy was there signing books, and she is just beyond great. I'll blog more about her later next week. :)

Another cool thing: My fifth title, Lily and the Lawman, was supposed to have arrived at the bookstore by the 21st, but it didn't make it. I had, as a last minute thing, brought my author copies-as well as author copies of my other titles, and we were able to substitute those. We sold out of several of the titles, and I had to bring in the back ups.

I got to meet the Barbour Sales Representative for the Mid-West, Paul Heath, who couldn't have been nicer. That's him in the picture above with Mary Connealy and me.

The bookstore had everything set up beautifully, and they had advertized on the radio and television and in print. Things couldn't have gone better.

I'm so very blessed.


  1. Woohooo!!! Talk about an awesome book signing! So happy for you, Erica!

  2. Wow!! I can only pray that my experience will be as good as yours! Just reading your post, however, gave me all kinds of nervous shivers!!

  3. It was a great experience, getting to see our congregation's resident "famous" author (I know, I'll be preaching about humility next week to bring you back down!). Fun to meet Mary and I must confess, I'm reading one of her books, "Montana Rose" and finding it enjoyable. I've just become an old softy in my greying years.

  4. Sounds like you had a blessed day with moment after moment of God's love lavished on you.
    ~ Wendy

  5. I'm really happy for you! You worked really hard. Now where's Cal? (-;

  6. Linda7:43 AM

    What a great day!

    And I'm with CJ, can't wait to read about Cal!

  7. You are truly blessed!!! What great pictures!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on your books.

  8. So happy for you that it went well! Wow! Those events scare me and so it is nice to hear a good story:)

  9. It sounds like it went so well. I'm so excited for you. Thanks for sharing the experience with us!

  10. Yay! Looks like so much fun!

  11. How awesome. You came through it with flying colors. Good for you.

  12. I'm so glad it was a pleasant and enjoyable experience for you! Congrats!

    I think my book orders from Heartsong have gotten confused---My last shipment had The Engineered Engagement and the enclosure said my next one would be Lucy and the Lawman. I've missed Clara and the Cowboy somehow! That will not do. I will have to order it.