Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Word Count Palooza

Thanks to daily word wars with Twitter friends using #1k1hr, my ms has grown considerably. I'm on the downhill side now, and the story is gaining momentum quickly. I've really enjoyed the afternoon writing sessions, and it certainly has had a positive effect upon my word totals.

Last week, the question was asked, at the speeds that we're writing, do we turn out quality? I think every writer is different. Some can write quickly, and some need to go slower. Some do a lot of work on edits, some not so much. I am only able to write this quickly because I have a fairly detailed outline. My chapter-by-chapter outline for this story is over 5K words long, 1/10th of the projected overall word length of my novel. Without this outline, I'd wander more, and stall more, and I'm sure I would have much more to do on edits.

Big congratulations to Katie G. who wrote EIGHT THOUSAND words on Saturday and finished her first draft. Way to go, Katie!

So, are you an outliner? Do you write fast?


  1. 1k1hr is my new love! Anytime I write a first draft, it shall be my best friend. It wasn't until I started it that the words really started pouring.

    I'm like you. A big outliner. In fact, the first half of my novel took a while because I didn't have as detailed an outline as I usually do. Then I stopped about midway and finished the outline, details and all, and was able to write much faster.

    Thanks for the congrats!! I'll be snoopy dancing for you when you finish your rough draft!

  2. I'm an outliner, but I tend to start changing things on about page 2 :)

  3. I usually outline extensively...for the first three chapters. I know the turning points of the story and the black moment, but I only know details a few chapters ahead. For the next book--whatever that is--I think I'm going to try more plotting. Knowing what I'm writing each day should help out a bit. Glad you are getting so much done!!!

  4. *Yay I'm able to get back on your blog~!* I do write fast but I have to have an inkling of where the scene is going. I write even faster if the scene is outlined in my head in advance.

  5. I didn't outline with my first book, but I am definitely going to do a detailed one for the next. I think, like you and Katie, it will help the story flow more quickly.

    Congrats on all your progress~

  6. I'm definitely an outliner so I write my first drafts pretty quickly, usually in eight weeks or so. Sometimes longer because I end up around 85-90K words. Before I used to outline, I'd still write my drafts fairly quickly but my books would be a mess and I'd have to rethink the plot as I editing. I love outlining!