Monday, July 26, 2010

Spiffy Word Counter

I love word counters and plotting my progress when writing a new novel. In past years I've used the zokutou word meter because I liked how it looked and that I could choose my own colors. Then the zokutou word meter disappeared. Whoever provided it decided not to renew the website subscription, and poof! It was gone.

I searched for a new word counter, and I've tried several, but I missed the old one.

Then YAY! I found one that looked just the same! To the right of this post, you can see my word count meter (in red, because that is, after all, the BEST color.) I'm happy to say that it has been sliding up and up and up this month.

Are you a fan of word count meters/plotting your progress?

You can get your own word count meter at


  1. Sigh. Not really. I just plod away at that three-page daily goal (or right now, the five-chapter edit.)

    Glad when techno helps...other folks!!


  2. Those word count meters are fun. I've never had one, though I used to post my progress along the sidebar every once in awhile. Mostly I just keep track for myself and my own goals.

  3. Ooh! Thank you! I'm going to snatch a word count meter myself~ I probably wont use it for this novel since I'm just about through but come fall I'll use it for my new WIP! Excited!!!