Friday, July 23, 2010

The Friday Five

One of the games we played in the car on vacation was the Alphabet game. And one of the letters we got stuck on was the letter J. We'd watch license plates go by, hoping one had a J on it so we could get over that hurdle.

So, in honor of summer vacation and long road trips, I'm going to tell you five things that I like that start with the letter J.

1. James. My son.

2. Jam. Preferably strawberry.

3. Jackalopes. They make me laugh.

4. January and June, since that's when my kids' birthdays are.

5. Jesus. :)

How about you? What do you like that starts with the letter J?


  1. I personally have a deep fondness for Jessica.

  2. The alphabet game!! You are going to think I am such a dork, but hubby had never played the game before (deprived, I know), so on our trip to Milwaukee a couple weekends ago we played it. A lot! Just me and him. No kids. We had a ridiculously fun time. Ryan's super competitive, so right away he asked me, "How do you win?" And I was like....ummmm, you don't win. You just find letters. So he came up with all these hilarious rules about how you can score points. Yea. It was fun.

  3. Oh, HOW FUN!
    Should become a routine, huh?

    Jalapeno corn, cheese, dip
    Jumping beans

  4. J is one of my favorites! My son's name starts with J.

  5. Linda8:57 AM

    I like all the things on your list and for almost the same reasons.

    I will add Jammies.

  6. Jenny, Jarrod, Jeremiah, Justina, Joshua - just a few of my nieces and nephews!
    Julie, my sister.
    and this is kind of dorky - but I love prowling through junk. You never know what treasures you might find.

  7. We play the alphabet game with street signs, but same concept.

    J for me:

    Jordan (last name thanks to a great hubby)
    Jelly Bellies--love them!
    July--no snow
    Jeans--comfy ones

  8. I like the expression "Jumped the shark"

  9. Great list!

    Jesus, of course!
    January and July, cause that's when my kids' birthdays are.
    Oh, I like Lisa's--jeans! Yes!
    Jasmine--one of my favorite scents
    Good stuff :)

  10. I'll jump in too and I agree with everyone!
    jalapeno cornbread,
    as well as ME-jessica and July since that's my BD
    husband Jim
    my dad Jesse and I miss him

    And hey, I've got all the ingredients to make that yummy smoothie from your previous post. My husband has a weakness for smoothies so thought we'd try it. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hmm... 1. Jesus
    2. Jason, my son.
    3. Jack'o'lanterns
    4. Jelly beans (pop corn flavor)
    5. Just about anything with chocolate on it! ;)

  12. Since our family are all grown up we hadn't played that game in years... until *today*! We were on a road trip... on our way home from Vancouver Island, using walkie-talkies to communicate between vehicles and one of the granddaughters started it. Their rules insisted that the words must be whole words that begin with the required letter. It was hard, but our "J" word was the street sign for Jinglepot Road in Nanaimo, BC. I'm sure that name must have a story behind it.

  13. Five things I LOVE or like

    1. Jesus
    2. Jicima
    3. Just dancing
    4. Just singing
    5. Just reading

    OK, I cheated.