Friday, July 16, 2010

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five:

Five pet peeves

1. When Tweetdeck either won't work right, or when my Twitter account gets hacked. I've been hacked twice, but now that I've got a freakishly strong password, I haven't been hacked in almost four months.

2. When someone I'm building a jigsaw puzzle with palms a piece so that they get to put the last one in.

3. Some of the companies that our lumber company deals with seem to be in love with paper. So much mail that seems redundant or unnecessary. Send an email!

4. People who don't put their cart away at the grocery store, or who leave newspaper ads and garbage in the cart for the next person to deal with.

5. My hair, pretty much every day right now. Trying to grow my bangs out, and GGGGGRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Misery loves company. Usually my Friday Fives are pretty upbeat, but jump in here. What bugs you?


  1. What bugs me is that I'm supposed to get dressed and clean my house everyday. Why can't I just ignore things and they'll stay the same? *grin*

    Love your list. Sorry about twitter and about the puzzle piece, I've never heard of anyone doing that! Talk about sneaky. lol

  2. I can usually let a lot roll of my shoulders but it drives me crazy when you hold the door for someone and they don't say thank you or nod or even move their lips slightly. Nothing.

    ~ Wendy

  3. My hair too. It's gone way too blonde this summer. I need to tone it down, stat!

  4. You'll hate your bangs grown out--trust me-- I've done it twice and always went back:)

  5. Oh my gosh! Number two is so funny. That would irritate me, too :) Pet peeves...when drivers don't yield. My hair too, definitely! I can't decide whether or not to grow it out or cut it again. WHY am I so indecisive lately?

  6. Since you asked - it's the humidity that's bugging me, ugh!

  7. JESSICA - I totally agree. Jammies every day all day would be awesome!

    WENDY - That's just RUDE. I also get miffed when someone at a store passes between me and what I'm looking at and doesn't say excuse me.

  8. JILL - From the sunshine? My daughter's hair used to get lighter...but now she wears a bucket hat everywhere.

    TERRI - My bangs have Finally decided to play nice this week. It seems counter-intuitive, but my hairdresser said my hair would be easier to manage if I'd grow my bangs out. We'll see. I'm really looking forward to the time when I can pull it ALL back in a pony tail. :)

  9. CINDY - My kids tell me I drive the "Camo Van" since no one ahead of me seems to see me and they rarely yield the right of way.

    LINDA - I'm right there with you. :)

  10. Love your lists. I hate when someone uses the last drop of milk and then doesn't rinse the container and put it in the recycle bin. Tweetdeck crashed so often I abandoned it in favor of Digsby. And yielding? It's considered a sign of weakness, just like using turn signals, here in Boston. (-;

  11. Not sure why hair is always annoying, but mine is, too. I don't like fuzzy curls but I've tried it straight and it doesn't suit me (yes, that's me with it straight on my blog). Such a dilemma!

    I think my current pet peeve is petty (is that why it's called that?). My DH leaves the sliding closet door open about 4" all the time and I hate the gaping dark hole. I know, I should just mention it to him, but it seems so petty, so I keep quietly closing it and reminding myself that after his go 'round with heart surgery I'm just thankful he's still here to leave the door open.

  12. CJ, the milk thing...when no one tells you they drank the last of the milk. RRRRGGGGHHH!

    CAROL You've got the right way of it. Thankful he's there...would be even more thankful if he'd close that door from time to time...

    Husband pet peeve? When he asks me which one I would choose, and when I tell him, he says "Really?"


  13. When someone asks my opinion, only to do the opposite.

    My neighbor's freakishly loud monster trucks parked outside my window.

    Hmm....I am sure there's more but I'm sure if I admit I loathe sun shiny days and prefer the drizzle, someone might clobber me.

  14. My current pet peeves:

    My husband sleeps with two fans on and never turns them off. I always have to do it. He would leave them on 24/7 if I didn't.

    My son sleeps with a fan and a big stoplight nightlight. He will not turn them off when he gets up. I have to remind him every day.

    What's with these guys?