Friday, July 09, 2010

The Friday Five

Last week our family went on vacation Up North. My parents, visiting from Florida, came with us, and we had a wonderful time. (Though to them, everything in the US is Up North...even Georgia is up north to them!)

Five things from our vacation:

1. I learned that the camp boss at a logging camp was called The Push. He pushed people to do more work so they could make contract and get paid.

2. Whenever my parents visit, MN has unusual weather. When we were in Hibbing, MN, the overnight temperature was 37 degrees...a new record low for that day in Hibbing. Brrrr!

3. Words can't describe how huge the Hull-Rust-Mahoning Mine is. It is called the Grand Canyon of the North.

4. One cannot help but toss a few rocks into Lake Superior when you stand on the shore.

5. Minnesota is a beautiful state with a varied and rich history. The MN State Historical society does an amazing job maintaining more than 20 historical sites throughout the state, as well as a top-notch history center and library for the benefit of the people of the state.

What do you love about your state? Do you live in the state of your birth, or are you a transplant like me?


  1. We had a colder vacation week last week too.

    I've been transplated all over the place, but unexpectedly we returned to the state I grew up in several years ago. I feel at home here (but it's likely we'll move in a few yrs.)
    ~ Wendy

  2. There's a reason Boston is called The Hub. Not because the city is laid out in a wheel, but because Boston in the Hub of the Universe. (-; And you want history? Can't turn a corner without finding something historical.

    Love the logging boss being called The Push. I worked at a company where we had Shove meetings every day. A bit like confession. Had to tell the boss what you were working on, problems, etc. He then went to a manager's meeting on Fri. called Push. Push and Shove.

  3. What I love about my state....hhmmm. Well, for one thing it's BIG! Texas is one big state and therefore encompasses such a vast variety of terrain. You have your piney woods in East Texas, your flat plains in West Texas, and your beautiful hilly Central Texas. The only thing I don't like about it is the heat! Bleh...I could do without that.

    So glad you had a wonderful time on your vacation!

  4. I love my state! Michigan just sings to my soul. Water, farmland, forests, orchards--it's beautiful!

    I lived in MN for a year and loved it too. So pretty with the rolling hills and lakes everywhere.

    Your visit sounded nice--except for the chilly nights! Brrr...

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Linda8:40 AM

    I grew up in Minnesota and am very happy to be back again after living in a number of states for a while.

    This is still my favorite state, I love the hills and the trees and the farms and the lakes and the seasons and the Vikings.

    And Lake Superior is a great place for a vacation!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time! I've lived in CAlifornia all my life and I don't foresee a move anytime soon. But you never know what the good Lord has planned, right? I enjoy all the amenities here, the beach, the mountains, the magical wine country. It really has a lot to offer.

  7. I'm a transplant to Florida 9 years ago but lived in PA and VA too. Where do your folks live in Fl? I'm in the central part of the state where there are actually hills around me:) Missed them from PA.
    How nice your trip sounds!

  8. Terri,

    My family lives in Lakeland. Hopefully we'll be able to get down there sometime next year. I'd love to go in the winter when it's nice there and wicked cold here. :)

  9. Vacations are wonderful opportunities to explore. So glad you had a great time. I live in BC on Canada's west coast... was born here, but moved several times before ending up here again. I love its diversity of terrain and people. It runs the gamut from semi-tropic to semi-arid, with everything from the ocean and rugged mountains to hundreds of lakes, forests, and rolling grasslands. There are rustic small towns and glitzy major cities--Vancouver is Canada's ethnic hub. I was brought up in Vancouver but now am more a fan of rural living. I love the wilderness.

  10. Erica, one of my very best friends lives in Bartow! She does most of her shopping in Lakeland.

    I was born in Arkansas, but we moved to Louisiana when I was 18 months old. It's home, and always will. After a brief stint in Mississippi and and two-month detour through New York, I am SO glad to be home!!

    One of the things I love best about Louisiana is the food. And the incredible, diverse history. There are so many things about Louisiana that you truly cannot find in any other state, from having parishes instead of counties to still having a legal code based on Napoleonic law.

    And nowhere else in the country do you have an iconic image of historical America, the French Quarter, that is famous because of it's SPANISH architecture! All the famous "French" ironwork balconies are Spanish.