Friday, June 25, 2010

A Seekerville Friday Five

Howdy! Today I'm over at SEEKERVILLE guest blogging and giving away a copy of Clara and the Cowboy. Hop on over to talk about your editing process.

To celebrate being on Seekerville today, I'm going to share five things I love about Seekerville and think they do an awesome job of with that blog.

1. Participation. There are 15 ladies who blog at Seekerville, and their support of each other via commenting and posting is wonderful.

2. Variety. The posts are informative and entertaining and cover the gamut of topics.

3. Community. Seekerville readers and commentors are very loyal and through our comments, we get to know each other and the Seekers.

4. Contact. Seekerville has had some awesome guests, agents, editors, industry professionals. Great interviews and participation in the comments. The Seekers encourage their guests to respond to their commentors. (Here I'm wincing because I'm out of pocket today and can't respond to everyone until later in the day.)

5. Fun. They specialize in cyber-food. Every morning there's something new and mouth-watering, and it gets folks talking.

I'm blessed to have been asked to post three different times at Seekerville and each one has been a treat.

Please drop by today and join the conversation, even if you're not a writer. You'll be entered to win a copy of Clara and the Cowboy.


  1. I love Seekerville but haven't been as active over there for months. Thanks for the reminder of what a fun and informative blog it is. Have fun today!

  2. I'm on my way to Seekerville to read your post, but I wanted to say that recipe for mashed potatoes looks delicious! Can't wait to try it.

    Sandra Robbins

  3. I don't get over to that blog as often as I wish I could, but I've found some excellent advice there in the past. I'll heading over to check out the post!

  4. Love your post over there. Great stuff, Erica. And I'm glad you like my new title!