Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Cover Art and some fun news

Yay! Here's the cover art for my fifth release, Lily and the Lawman.


It is so incredibly perfect. At one point in the story, Lily leaves Trace's Bible, badge, and rifle bullets on the quilt. Ashley Schrock, designer supreme, captured exactly what I had in mind. I love the red in the title and the quilt, because red is my favorite color. Yay, Ashley!

Here's a bit from the back cover of Lily and the Lawman, releasing later this summer:

Lily has never been so alone.

Her sister Violet has died and her niece Rose has been kidnapped. The U.S. Marshals who are supposed to be looking for Rose are ill and injured. Lily has two choices: find Rose herself (which she has no idea how to do) or trust Trace McConnell to find the baby for her. But Lily has trusted men for the last time. So maybe she will do this on her own.

Trace McConnell—almost-bad-boy-turned-local-lawman—would be happy to hunt down the kidnappers and return Rose to the intriguing Lily Whitman, except Lily won’t let him go alone. How is he supposed deal with kidnappers and killers when his mind and heart are so distracted by this frustrating woman?

Is a God whose ways seem inexplicable really a God who is trustworthy? Is He really with them, or has He forsaken them, despite what His Word says?

In other news, recently some very kind feedback was posted on The Edit Cafe regarding the characters in The Marriage Masquerade. Each week, JoAnne Simmons, editor of Heartsong Presents, posts feedback she has received on one or more titles. Hop on over and hear what one kind soul had to say about the characters in The Marriage Masquerade.


  1. Erica,
    Love the cover!! It sounds perfect:)

  2. Very nice!!! Sounds like the perfect cover! Congrats!

  3. I love it! The bible actually reminds me of chocolate and that's a very good thing. I can't wait to read this.

  4. Love this one, but you know who I can't wait to see.

  5. T. Anne, I had the same thought re the chocolate. I guess I'll give away chocolate bars at the book signings! LOL

  6. Linda2:31 PM

    I'm usually not that much into covers. It's content that draws me. This cover, though, is very pretty!

  7. I love it! And it sounds fabulous! How many manuscripts did you have finished to have so many coming out!!! :)

  8. Sherrinda, I'm a big fan of "write something else."

    When I got a request for the full of the first manuscript, The Bartered Bride, I immediately started book two in the series, The Marriage Masquerade, just on the off chance that they might want that one too.

    And I wrote the first book in a new series, Clara and the Cowboy.

    So I had some books finished before the first contract came along, and I've been writing and editing and trying to keep abreast of the projects ever since!

  9. Linda9:40 PM

    Can't wait!!

  10. Erica, you can probably design some wrappers to look very like that Bible, to wrap around your chocolate. It would be EASY and very cool!!

    And you guys are gonna love this book!

  11. The cover is wonderful, Erica! I can imagine how satisfying it must be to have it depict a key scene so perfectly. Congratulations on it, and also on the release of THE ENGINEERED ENGAGEMENT.