Monday, June 07, 2010

Gregarious Introverts

First, I'm BACK! After a couple of intense weeks, and a great visit from some family, I've rewritten nearly half of Before the Dawn an it is in the hands of my brilliant critique partners once again.

Second, I really missed blogging and visiting all my favorite blogs every day.

Third, I heard something interesting a few days ago. A blogger made the generalization that authors are gregarious introverts.

Gregarious: Fond of the company of others.
Introvert: A reserved or shy person.

As strange as this sounded, it made perfect sense to me, because I'm a gregarious introvert. I enjoy hanging out with friends, and I don't mind meeting new people. But I also need to be alone to recharge. I live very vividly in my own head and imagination.

When I'm in a group of strangers, unless I'm in a leadership role, I will usually be pretty quiet. I don't mind answering people's direct questions to me, but beyond that, I won't start too many conversations. (This is a drawback when sitting at a conference table with an editor I wanted to meet. In fact, a couple years ago, I provided transportation from the airport to the conference hotel for editors, and I hardly said a word. Fortunately, someone else was in the car who didn't have any trouble at all talking to editors.)

And yet, when I'm in a leadership opportunity, I have no trouble taking charge. In the past, I've been a high school history teacher, women's ministries leader, Sunday School teacher, and Bible study leader.  My friends would say I can be very gregarious. :)

So, are you a gregarious introvert? Does your outgoing-ness depend on the situation? Do you find it easy to meet new people?


  1. I like this definition. I guess I would agree with it for me. I really love being alone but need friends too to hang out with.

  2. Finally--the perfect definition for what I am.

    ~ Wendy

  3. Love the description. Maybe that applies to creative types. Glad you're back!

  4. Yep. I'm a gregarious introvert. I love company and listening to people talk and hearing their stories. But it's really hard for me to meet new people.

    Glad you're back!

  5. Yay! she's back!

    I don't know what I am. I'm outgoing. I talk a lot and easily in front of large groups. And if I'm in the mood, I like to be with friends. A good game of charades or whatever can recharge my battery. But so does being alone. I'm a home-body. I like quiet and alone-time. So what the heck am I? I don't fit in!

  6. Maybe I'm an introverted gregarian. I don't know.

    I, too, am glad you're back.

  7. Katie, I think you're a gregarious introvert like the rest of us! ha ha! :) I love this definition, Erica, and I definitely fall into it.

  8. I think you are my long-lost twin!!!!! lol And all your commenters are our sisters! I definitely fall into this category!

  9. It describes me too! Nifty.