Monday, June 14, 2010

The Engineered Engagement is here!

I'm happy to announce that The Engineered Engagement is now available to order from Heartsong Presents. The Engineered Engagement is book three in the Kennebrae Brides series.

From the Back Cover:

A Kennebrae keeps his word.... But Grandfather made the promise, and Eli Kennebrae is expected to carry it out. Josie Zahn has admired Eli from a distance for years, but Eli hardly knows she exists other than as just "one of the Zahn girls." If only she could get his attention... When Father announces her older sister Clarice's engagement to Eli, both girls are crushed. Is there no way out of this nightmare? Deception, intrigue, and danger make life miserable for the Zahns and the Kennebraes as they learn that Divine enginneering is far better than human manipulation.

About the writing of the book.

This book was the first NaNo novel I completed. The entire first draft was written over about three weeks in November of 2008, then editing took place over the next six weeks or so. I loved writing it, as I had lived for a long time with these characters in my head. The heroine, Josie, and I have a lot in common. We both struggled with feeling as if we were in the shadow of an older sibling, and we both struggled with what it was that God wanted us to do with the talents we'd been given. The major difference here is that Josie is a gifted mathematician, and I can barely add two and two.

Some exciting news about the books in this series. This last week, a woman from Florida telephoned Heartsong's customer service and ordered many copies of The Engineered Engagement. She contacted me about signing some copies for her, because she was planning a trip to Ireland and Scotland in a couple weeks and wanted to take copies of all the books in this series to her friends there. The Kennebrae Brides go international! Thank you, Nancy!

If you'd like to order a copy of The Engineered Engagement please follow the link below!


  1. The cover is beautiful. Love the colors! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations Erica! How exciting! I wrote a good portion of my book during July NaNo. It's amazing how that little push can motivate you to get lots of writing done! I love the cover!!!!

  3. How exciting to hear that your book is going international, Erica! What busy and thrilling times for you!

  4. That makes four officially out now, doesn't it?? You are on a freakin' roll girl!

  5. I def. want to order this since I seem to have missed all your others!
    Very cool story, both on the making of the book and the FL woman. :-)

  6. WOOHOO! I LOVE Engineered Engagement, it's a great book. HIGHLY recommend :D

  7. So exciting, Erica! I love the blue cover - sort of sparkly, yet soft and inviting. And such a cool story about the woman from Florida. Love it!

  8. Congrats, Erica! The book sounds wonderful. And that's awesome news about the lady who bought all the copies. How great to know your words are reaching people :)

  9. yea!! Just ordered!~

  10. Linda6:48 PM

    Love the cover! Can't wait to read it.

    That is a cool story about the lady taking them to her friends overseas.

  11. Thanks, CJ. I love it too!

    Sherrinda, you're so right. The competition with myself spurs me on. That's why I love setting wordcount goals.

    Jody, I was really happy about my books going to Scotland and Ireland. I wonder what those folks will make of Gilded Age Duluth, MN.

  12. Katie, yep, officially four books out now. It's so surreal.

    Jessica, thank you! I hope you enjoy the book.

    Georgiana! Thank you for being such an awesome crit partner and for all your encouragement! You Rock!

  13. Carla, thank you. The cover art folks at Heartsong are terrific. They listen to my input and come up with wonderful cover art. I have loved every one.

    Cindy, it's so encouraging to think of my stories reaching others even beyond US borders. And dead humbling!

    Arika! Thanks for ordering the book, and hug your husband and son for me. It's been so long since we saw you and Chris, and I've yet to meet Nick in person and he's getting so big!

    Linda, I should've give you your copy! I think I had one with me in my bag! Argh. Stop by the house and get one before you visit Duluth. :)

  14. Congratulations on your latest release! Enjoy the thrill!