Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The View From Your Window

The challenge is:

What's the view from your window.

This is my one honeysuckle in the row of lilacs out my back door. I love that crazy bush. When we got the plants, they were each one stick with a few tiny leaves. Over the next couple of years we became aware that one of our lilacs was actually a honeysuckle. My husband wanted to pull it out, but I love it. It's dancing to the beat of its own drum, unique, one of a kind in a sea of sameness.

That's what's outside my window. What's outside yours?


  1. I'm in my kitchen right now and the shade is closed, but I know what the view is. A tree, and then about an acre of scattered trees and grass. At the edge of those is a thick strip of forest. :-)
    Love my view!

  2. I write in what we basically have as a playroom right now and are slowly transforming into a "den."

    But, out the window I see our neighbor's beautifully manicured yard and some towering trees (wish I knew what kind). Watching them sway in the breeze can be quite a distraction at times.

    Ah, you have honeysuckle out your door (a memory of mine from Nantucket)...

    Also, I read your last post and I thank you for it.

    ~ Wendy

  3. As I told CJ....the view from the window in front of me is nothing but the neighbor's loud monster trucks. AGRH! {For anyone who reads this, prayers are appreciated for us to sell our place, LOL!} Anyhoo, out the front door is much better with a view of the mountain right across the street. We are so close that, from a certain angle it's all you can see out the door.

  4. Love that honeysuckle! Leave it to you to have an outlaw plant (-;

  5. My view isn't all that exciting. We live in a townhome so outside the front window I see the parking lot. But if I move a little bit, I can see green, green trees and just the tip of the mountains.

    Georgiana, prayers coming your way :)

  6. Outside my office is a row of knockout roses. I love them. They're all different colors (pink, red and yellow) because I couldn't decide which color.

  7. Gorgeous! I LOVE lush greenery. Outside my window is the coastline along the blue pacific. I see palm trees and the cove. I'm too far to see any dolphins though. I guess you can't win 'em all. ;)

  8. I love lilacs! Only one of our bushes is blooming this year but it smells heavenly. I'll bet that honeysuckle of yours does, too. My view out windows and doors always includes tall evergreen trees, no matter what room I'm in. They are the backdrop for a few informal garden beds and a lot of moss-filled lawn. Because we live rurally I'm content with the unkempt look.

    From my office window I look out across the back deck to the back corner of the clearing where a pale pink Dogwood tree is just beginning to bloom. My window is tall and narrow and forms a picture frame for the view.