Friday, May 14, 2010

The Friday Five

Summer is coming! Woohoo! (I'm excited for this to happen since we had snow in MN this past weekend.) Today is my daughter's last day of high school. My son has been finished with school for a couple of weeks. So it can really be summer. I have great memories of summer activities, but one summer from my childhood stands out.

So, today's Friday Five is:

Five summer memories from 1980:

1. July 8th, 1980, I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

2. We spent the summer in Colby, Kansas in a little apartment because my dad was working there.

3. One night, my mother cried so hard I thought she'd make herself ill. She watched the movie The Last Shining Season, and if you even mention that movie now, she will tear up.

4. I took classes at the YMCA. Art, Gymnastics, and Tennis. I am neither artistic nor athletic, but I had fun anyway.

5. I remember going to classes at the Y first thing in the morning, then meeting my dad at the Daylight Donuts shop for mid-morning break. Then back to the Y for another class, lunch at the apartment, then walking down to the community pool. For 25 cents you could swim all day. We only swam in the afternoon, because at 4, we walked back up the (very slight) hill to the apartment, ate dinner, and went out to softball practice or a game. After the game was over, we'd go to the park and play tennis under the lights until after 10. I remember the lights were on a timer, and we'd be playing, running after balls, swatting backhands, and WHAM! the lights would go off and one of us kids would have to run to the pole and hit the button for another 30 mins of light. :)

Very good times!

What do you remember about the summer you were 11?


  1. Awww, sweet memories. :-) I don't remember me eleventh summer, but if I go look in my diaries I'm sure I'll find something interesting.

  2. First wanted to share my #1--August 1, 1991.

    I love that image of the lights going out b/c of the timer.

    We went to Nantucket that summer. We biked over sand dunes and I can still smell the sweet tantilizing scent of honeysuckle as I rode. I played frizbee with my sisters on the beach and remember wanting to be a teenager like two of them.
    ~ Wendy

  3. I think my childhood summer memories run together. Usually a game of kick the can with Himself and the rest of the clan until the street lights went on at 8:15p. Then we had to go in. (Himself's mother's rule). Sometimes I'd go to his house for awhile. Snack time was at 8:30p and she made awesome snacks

  4. I think that was the summer that my Baby Brother, who was 1, and I stayed with Grandma for a while while the rest of the family went on vacation. I remember they sent us a post card saying they had eaten buffalo burgers and seen some dinosaur places. The post card had the Flintstones on it.

  5. Oh, I loved reading these memories. It sounds as if your family was very close growing up.

    My eleventh summer. I remember reading (big surprise!) Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Picking blueberries at Aunt Carol's. Getting excited about the possibilities of my future.

  6. You have a great memory. I spent most summers running around outside with my cousin. This may have been the year my dad took me to Colorado.

  7. Hey, it snowed here in Colorado yesterday--we're definitely not ready for summer yet. 1980 was a great year! It's when I was born :)

    My 11th, my memory isn't THAT good. I do remember visiting my cousins a lot. They lived in the mountains (not in the foothills like I do). We'd spend all day up on the hill behind my grandma's house. We'd name all the big boulders and set boundaries for our houses and find onions and honeysuckles to eat. Those were the BEST summers!

  8. Sigh... I remember watching Twilight Zone with my big sister and everyday at noon in the summer and it scared the pants off of me. I would walk to our local pool and swim for 50 cents. I guess it was twice as expensive to swim in my neck of the woods (even though in 1980 I was ten). I think that might of been the summer I started my first diary. That was some real fun. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!!

  9. The summer I turned eleven we moved to a new house that my father built, and it had a 10'x10' space hidden away between the house and garage that my mother decided should be a veggie garden. My bedroom was at that end of the bungalow and I was delighted to have a window sill deep and low enough to be a seat, with casings that opened out to the garden space. I begged for a corner for flowers and I can remember Mom planted a bed of blue Bachelor Buttons right under my window. I often sat there and read, feeling like a princess overlooking my own secret garden.

  10. I wish I could remember that far back!!