Friday, May 07, 2010

The Friday Five

This past week, as I finished up Before The Dawn, I posted as my Facebook status that I Really, Really wanted to use the phrase "Little Did They Know" in my novel. LOL!

So, today's Friday Five is:

Things I'd like to use in a novel but can't because they are no-nos.

  1. Little Did They Know. Ever since Dustin Hoffman said he'd written entire essays on "Little Did He Know" I've wanted to stick it in a book. :)
  2. Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch. CJ reminded me of this great classic. And since I love writing about cowboys, it would be so great!
  3. Dear Reader. This was a device of Victorian novels, where the narrator of the story stepped out of narration to have a side-chat with the reader. Wouldn't it be so handy to be able to draw a red circle around an important point by drawing the reader aside for a chat?
  4. And They Lived Happily Ever After. Hey, it would fit the romance genre, but writers nowadays have to show the potential for a happy ending.
  5. It Was A Dark And Stormy Night. Snoopy and Bulwar-Lytton aside, I would LOVE to stick this into a piece of fiction. :)
So, how about you? Any of these appeal to you? Do you have any of your own?


  1. Oooh, I love them all! LOL And why can't you use them? I'll bet you could work them in somehow. *grin*

  2. Dear Reader!!! Have you ever read The Tale of Despereaux?? My kiddos read it every year and I love it. Kate DiCamillo uses Dear Reader a lot and the book is so lovely because of it. I smile everytime I read it. :)

    Love the "Meanwhile, back at the ranch.." That cracked me up.

    Stranger than Fiction is one of the best movies ever.

  3. #3 would be a blast. And of course #5.

    Hmm. I'll be thinking of one I'd like to throw in today.
    ~ Wendy

  4. Love Meanwhile back at the ranch. For chuckles you should write a short story using all the phrases. In your spare time, of course. (-;

  5. It was a dark and stormy night gives me the chuckles, as I can 'see' Snoopy writing it. That's the best one.

  6. "Dear Reader" definitely tops it, though I like "Gentle Reader" even more. :-)

  7. That's great! I love the first one--and I love that movie Stranger Than Fiction.

    I actually got to use Dear Reader in my last novel because my MC was an advice columnist. It worked for the story--I hope!

  8. Oh wouldn't it be great to write the line and they lived happily ever after at the end of each novel???

  9. Ha! I just had to chime in here. My soon-to-be-released novel CHASING LILACS has this line, "Meanwhile, back at the ranch."

    Now, I hope you'll all snag a copy and check it out for yourself. Wait! It doesn't come out until June 17, but it's available for pre-order (hint, hint).

    Hope you all have a happily ever after day!

  10. Woohoo, Carla! I pre-ordered Chasing Lilacs, and I can't wait until it arrives!

  11. Thanks, Erica! I hope you like it. It has the kind of cover you hate - with the head cut off - LOL! But I love it.

  12. That "dark and stormy night" always appeals to me. Unfortunately a lot of cliches do... because they exactly express what I want to say. I spend ages searching for original ways to say what a cliche already communicates perfectly. Why is that?

  13. Someday I will use "It was a dark and stormy night" in a novel. I'm just waiting for the right setting.