Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Survey Results

Last week I took a little survey (which I have to admit, was tons of fun to make and even more fun to watch the results come in.) Thank you to the 28 people who took the survey between Wednesday and Sunday night (when I schedule my blogs for the week.) As promised, here are the results. The questions are bold italics, the most popular answer is in black bold, and my answer is a red (X) behind my choice. My answers are not included in the 28 people's who took the survey.

1. How many fiction books do you read each month?

a) Less than one per month (3)
b) 1-2 Per Month (11)
c) 3-4 per month (10) (X)
d) five or more (4)

2. What Genre's do you read? (Check all that apply)

a) Contemporary Romance (11)
b) Mystery (8) (X)
c) Historical Romance (20) (X)
d) Sci-fi (3)
e) Young Adult (4)
f) Women's Fiction (14)
g) Contemporary Fiction (12)
h) Literary Fiction (10)
i) Suspense/thriller (12) (X)
j) Fantasy (6)

3) Do you finish reading a book before beginning a new one?

a) Yes (15) (X)
b) No (13)

4) What media do you most often read your fiction in?

a) Old fashioned paper/bound book (26) (X)
b) Kindle/iPad/Nook/Sony Reader (2)
c) eBooks for the PC/Mac (0)

5) Where do you do most of your reading?

a) In bed before I go to sleep (9) (X)
b) In a comfy chair (17)
c) In the car (0)
d) In the bathroom (2)

Any answers surprise you? Any ideas for another survey, 'cuz I thought this was fun!

Thanks to everyone who played!


  1. I fell in line with poplular votes, except I don't always finish one book b/f starting another.

  2. I haven't read many pleasure books lately. I just don't have the time while I'm writing my WIP. But I'm placing an Amazon order to day to get some of the newest of friends' books!

  3. LOL, I can't believe anyone fessed up to reading in the bathroom. It kills me :P Here's a question for poll: Do you read one genre more than another because that's what's out there? OK, I don't really know how you can make it a poll, but for me, I know my reading goes in cycles because that's what's being offered. Of course the publishers would say it's because that's what readers are buying ;)

  4. Georgiana - I'm one of the bathroom readers. You can't forget that the bathtub is in the bathroom! :) I do a lot of my reading in the bathtub.

  5. Sounds like great minds read alike! Nice to know everyone agrees with me!

  6. So few e-readers. I just picked up some library books yesterday and it took me a while to get use to the fact I couldn't adjust the font! Love my Kindle. But then I did enjoy the sweet smell of the book. *sigh*

  7. That was fun to read! I guess I missed that quiz. The bathroom one cracks me up, even though I'm guilty too. LOL