Monday, April 19, 2010

New blogging friends

Every so often, I go through the list of blogs I read and add the blogs of new friends and cull the blogs that I either don't read anymore or that the blogger isn't posting anymore. I especially try to follow the blogs of folks who read and comment here at On The Write Path. So here are four blogs that I've added to my blogroll. If you haven't checked them out, I encourage you to click on the links and go take a look.

Julie Jarnigan (Who has some really great news to share, hop on over and congratulate her!)

Wendy Miller's blog

Carol Garvin's blog

T. Anne Adam's blog

Do you have any new blogs you're following?


  1. I follow T. Anne's blog...she's a hoot! I do just like you and cull through the ones that I don't visit much anymore and add new ones. I wondered if others did that! :) It is difficult to do that though!

  2. Not recently though I have seen Julie commenting lately and she seems like a really nice person. I do the same as you though, I follow commenters. :-) And then some.
    I haven't visited new blogs in a long time thanks to time issues. But hopefully someday...

  3. I came across Jennifer Valent's blog recently and now follow. It's sharp, a great example of a professional blog/website.

    Thank you for putting me on the list. I visited with a friend on Friday and I was laughing about your post, telling her how much I appreciate your mind. ;)

    Your Friday Five is one of my favorite places to visit on Fri.

    ~ Wendy

  4. Yes! Lately I've been spending more time in the blogging world, and it's been such fun. Lots of great insight out there!

    PS. I love the little pic of the kids playing. Cute!

  5. Thanks for including me! It was a pleasant surprise to open your page up and see my name :)

  6. I haven't been able to check new blogs lately so I'm going to follow a few of your links. I love making new blogging friends, though. It's wonderful to see new and fresh enthusiasm for writing and for life :)

  7. How fun! What a thrill to be listed on your new blogroll! I have to say, you've made my day!!!!

  8. I follow all of those blogs except for Julie, and I just popped on over and read her exciting news! Woo-hoo for Julie!

  9. Sherrinda, it sure is a difficult task. I console myself with the fact that there are only so many hours in a day, and I have to cut back somewhere.

    Jessica, I understand about the time thing. I know that if I want to add a new blog, I have to cut back somewhere. My blog reading often approaches critical mass. I'm so thankful for the blog roll widget so I'm not clicking to see if someone has updated with a new post, I know they have and how long ago. :)

  10. Wendy, I'm grinning! Not everyone appreciates the quirky labyrinth I call a mind! Hee hee.

    G- so glad you are enjoying the bloggosphere. :D Thanks for being my friend!

    Julie, it is purely my pleasure, and WOOHOO, Welcome to the Heartsong family!

  11. Cindy! Welcome back! You were very much missed. I'm so glad you had a good sabbatical. :)

    T.Anne, :D I'm enjoying reading your blog, and I wanted to share the love. I know some folks who surf blogs through my blogroll. :)

    Katie, I'm glad you first commented on my blog, because that's how we 'met' and so much has transpired since then! :)

  12. What a treat to find my name among your new blogging friends! Thanks for adding me, Erica. I enjoy visiting at your blog, too... I especially watch for your Friday Five. :)

    My "favourite blogs" list is waaaay too long, but I keep the ones I regularly follow in a separate folder. Then if the time comes that I need to cull, I just move them to a different folder. That way the bookmarks aren't deleted and I can still check them once in a while.